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Mermen Are Appearing All Around Us! (And We Love It!)

Men are joining the unicorn club all over the globeĀ  – dying their hair AND beards! This massive rise in men’s vivid hair colour is amazing to see. We think everyone should be able to express their identity through colour and rainbow beards are a perfect way!

The amazing Mykey O’Halloran in Australia recently began creating rainbow YES beards for guys who supported the #WearYourYes movement promoting Equal rights in the lead up to the the Vote on Same Sex Marriage!




Another popular route for men’s vivid hair us something a little extra.. UV Glowing Hair! Artists like Jarred Liddington Have created unique looks using UV hair colour. These colours Glow SO bright under UV lighting but appear as a usual vivid colour in natural light.



We recently spoke to a Men’s Lifestyle Blogger from ManWants to chat about the rising trend .. Check out Their take on it HERE!

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