Brand New Sponsored Stylist! – Georgia Bell

Sponsored Artist – Georgia Bell


Manic Panic UK is so excited to have this gorgeous chick on our Sponsored Stylist team. Georgia is the talented owner and creator at Twisted Scissors Salon in Rotherham, Nr Sheffield, her and her team produce the most awesome looks for their lucky clients! This artist is not only a guest stylist at the forward thinking ‘Not Another Salon’ in London but she was a Colour Rebel Finalist in 2017!


Tell us a bit about yourself …

My names Georgia Bell and I run my own salon called Twisted scissors , every stylist has their own speciality within my salon , mine is bright colour. My salon will have been open 2 years in May and has grown from strength to strength we now have 14 members of team Twisted. I travel to London once a week and assist Sophia Hilton and the team @ not another salon , in February I will be assisting on  the educational courses with Sophia showing other hairdressers the perfect bleed. I like to enter competitions and push boundaries with colour ,the past year really has been an adventure from entering Affinage colour rebel’s at the beginning of the year and meeting one of my personal hair inspirations Tracy divine smith , then coming runner up in the redken city beats awards,not to mention  bagging a placement in London with another true inspiration Sophia and now becoming a UK sponsored stylist for  manic panic , a brand I have loved and followed for so long.

How did you get your start in the industry…
I have always loved hair and being creative , that’s one of the main reasons I came into the hair industry , I knew I wouldn’t be bored and I knew by becoming my own boss I could push creative boundaries , experiment with hair , with colour especially and really try and make an impact not just on the industry but also my clients, with a good head of hair and an amazing brand like manic panic I’m able to push  colour boundaries and really be creative.

Do you have any advice for stylists just starting out in their career?

My biggest piece of advice for stylists starting out in the industry is to never stop learning , so many things change in our industry whether it be technique or current trends ,keep current and take any opportunity that comes your way ,be active on all social media platforms it’s a great way to learn ,get ideas and keep on top of what’s trending.

Who/ What is your inspiration?

I try and take inspiration from everything around me ,whether it be culture ,music ,people or nature,if I see something that interests me I take a photo ,it’s a great thing to go back to and take some inspiration from for any future work , in terms of who inspires me there’s so many but here’s a few ,Tracy divine Smith is a big inspiration her stage work blows my mind , also Sophia Hilton in terms of pushing the boundaries with new colours and techniques she’s on top form and of course Tish and Snooky , they are seriously cool chicks that have built up an amazing brand with Manic panic.

What do you think will be the biggest colour trend this Autumn?

This autumn I think one of the biggest colour trends will be the perfect root bleed , there’s just so much option with it really ,you get a beautiful result with it whether you choose a more natural look or a bright ,it’s a seamless technique and really shows a difference in colour off in a great way.

Why do you choose to use Manic Panic colour for your clients?

I choose manic panic for my clients because there’s so much option in terms of colour ,not to mention the new Manic Panic professional range ,with manic panic I can achieve some amazing bright colours ,they intermix well ,the colour lasts and the fade out is fantastic.

What is the biggest challenge you face when using Vivid Colour?

I think one of the biggest challenges when creating vivid colours is getting a clean and even base to work from ,without that starting point colours can look patchy and uneven ,also when creating brights select your colour palette with thought ,don’t use too many clashing colours.

And how do you overcome it?

Overcome this by being visual , using correct timings and planning what your doing before the appointment ,have a colour vision of what your going to achieve beforehand.

What is your No.1 Top Tip when using Manic Panic Colours?

My number one tip when using manic panic is consultation ,just to know what colour you want to achieve ,get to know your client and then you can start a hair adventure! spend some time into looking at this brand and once you realise what Manic Panic has to offer in terms of colour ,the sky’s the limit.



She is always creating beautiful colours, check out some of her awesome work with Manic Panic colour below:

She painted this stand out vivid using the Solar Yellow from our new Professional range



Her talents with colour seem endless and we cant wait to see what she creates next!..



If you want some awesome #inspo check out her socials in the links below. This artist is one to watch!


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