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Stylist Of The Month : Charlotte McKenna for MPUK


I’m Charlotte Mckenna Manic Panic UK’s Artistic Brand Ambassador.

This month i was asked to guest host this blog and pick ‘Stylist of The Month’.

With so many great artists out there creating so many beautiful creations with Manic Panic, you would think it would of taken me ages to choose this months stylist…But no!

I knew right away and i’m so glad I chose this amazing lady as there is so much I didn’t know about her until now.

You’re never too old to find your passion!

You’re never too old to find your passion!


Tell us a little about yourself…

I’m Niamh Kavanagh, I own Gypsy Rose Salon in Sheffield, next month I’ll be 41 and I’ve been a stylist for 8 years, I’ve been working with hair for 10 years. I started doing Vintage styles on myself 10 years ago, and then people would ask me to do theirs and it just snow balled from there! In November 2015 I took a leap of faith and opened my own salon, for two years I’ve won an award for being Sheffield’s best stylist voted for by my clients.


Why do you choose to use Manic Panic colour? And what is it you like about them?

Over the years I’ve tried several brands of vibrant colours and none have worked as well as Manic Panic. Manic Panic are watching their market, they’ve kept the edginess to their brand which appeals greatly to me and my clients. As all MP products are interchangeable I can customise colour conditioners for my clients so they can maintain their colour in between services. For me Manic Panic offers a flawless finish and consistently exceeds my expectations. The colours deliver every time AND they’re Vegan which is important to me and my clients. The new pro range is really exciting, again they offer the ability to interchange and create vibrant custom colours or toners


What’s your hot trend for autumn?

I think this autumn is going to be about moving away from pastels to rich jewel colours with deep coloured roots blending to mid tones. ALL the colour clashing! also I think yellow and rose gold is going to be everywhere! Solar Yellow and Divine Wine from the Professional range are great for these.–solar-yellow–divine-wine


What/who inspires you daily?

My clients are great, they see something on the internet and come in with this look and show me, they’re showing me work by what I consider to be some of the greatest stylists out there, and they’re like ‘you can do this right??’ .. That’s inspiring!! They have faith in me and my skills and they keep coming for more and telling anyone who asks where they got it done.

There are stylists that I get a great amount of pleasure from when seeing their work which encourages me to push my work further – Jaymz Marsters, Charlotte McKenna ( awww thanks hun ), Steve Austin and Cherry Bomb Hair Salon are all over the limits of colouring and cutting.

What’s your plans for the future?

This year I’m looking at increasing my colour brand knowledge. In the past I had very limited training, most of techniques I use today are self taught. I want to take that brand knowledge and my abilities to enter into colouring competitions. I want to keep my business going from strength to strength. I have another stylist now working in the salon which is a great help, in another year or two I’d like to move to a bigger premises and have other stylists on board.

Thanks Niamh, looking forward to seeing what else you create this year.

I hope this blog finds all the slightly older stylists wanting to train in vivid colour or wannabe stylists, and shows you that you are never too old to find your passion. In a industry that’s lead by younger apprentices its a lot harder to get into once you hit a certain age. But follow your dreams and like Niamh, follow your talent and it will get you far.


Check out The Gypsy Rose Salon HERE






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