Water Colour Hair

This latest Water Colour hair technique has us all weak at the knees…

we have seen a huge rise in the water colour trend in everything from tattoo’s to home decor and now it has hit Instagram in the best way… on hair!


Instagram’s @hair_princess_steph has created the most perfect way to apply, so we gave it a go too!



At Manic Panic UK HQ we love to see new colour techniques being used with our colours and couldn’t wait to try this one out!

So here is our official guide to water colour hair!




To create this unique look you will need the following things:

  • Manic Panic Classic Colour/Amplified Colour
  • Water
  • Clean, fine spray bottles for each colour (Mist spray bottles are ideal)
  • Meche Strips


The Technique…

  1.  Water Colour hair should be applied on Pre-lightened and toned hair (The whiter the better)
  2. We recommend applying the root colour separately, processing, rinsing and drying before spraying
  3. know what you want the end result to look like before you start
  4. Mix your colours! – Mix a 50/50 ratio of dye to water in each bottle
  5. Shake each bottle for at least 20 second
  6. Test the consistency on some paper or Kitchen towel. It should be thin (Like Water Colour Paint)
  7. Lay the meche under each section of hair as you go to avoid bleeding and running.
  8. Get painting!
  9. Lay another piece of meche over each section once it has been sprayed
  10. Leave the colour for 30 minutes to process
  11. Rinse in COLD water, dry and style on a low heat.
  12. Voila… Beautiful Water Colour masterpiece!


The results of this colour technique are undoubtedly beautiful, and due to the dilution of the dye will allow you to change it up more often!

We can’t wait to see more photos of your version… Don’t forget to share with us! (@manicpanic_uk)




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