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 Hair Sculptors


 We are SO pleased to have caught up with this months super talents!  Amazing, visionary hair artists…  and we couldn’t be happier to be working with them.


Tutti Fruitti London – Hair Sculptors


These two self professed Jungölâ Drag Klöwns are the talk of the town and we love their stance on identity. Keep reading to find out more about these wonderful humans…


1.      Tell us a little about Tuttii Fruttii….

Tuttii Fruittii London is a Hair Sculptors for all gender identities and hair types. We are a non-binary shop which specializes in TechniKolor Sculpted Hair Creations.

2.     Why did you decided to become a hair stylist?

Growing up my mum was a hair stylist and I always shaved my friends’ hair when i was at school in Portsmouth. I definitely got into trouble with a lot of parents for going to extreme. That’s when it all started. My true passion has always been creating abstract razor shapes and sculptural clipper work which is why I became a Barber first of all. Barbershops were too restrictive though, i needed to create my own haven of hair magic. I had this vision of an alternative psychedelic creative space where all the weird and wonderfuls of this world could come to fulfill their extraordinary color visions and ideas – a place where there are no rules a part from BE YOU & HAVE FUN DOING IT.

3.        How did you get your start in the industry?

First i worked in Barbershops all over London for over 8 years from when i was 18. I moved quickly because i knew everything would come together here. I met the most magical creatures and sisters in our creative underground who truly inspired me to create a name for myself. It was obvious to me i had to stop working for other people and create my own project. I was offered a caravan for £200 and saved up all my money at the time to open this alternative Hair Art Parlour called Tuttii Fruittii Technicolor Hair Salon in the Old Tidemill School creative hub i co-founded, with a group of underground artists in Deptford. Once i had this space i really started to push editorial work and turn my visions into an Art Form which was then shown all over the world in different magazines such as Vision Mag and working with amazing photographers including Nick Knight.

For 4 years I had my Kaleidoscopic Caravan which is when i met Toni Tits my business Partner with whom i built an empire of Artistic Explosion. Together we started a crowd fund to relocate after being evicted from this wonderful hub by property developers. We managed to get just enough to secure my dream shop i’d been trying to rent for 6 years. The Universe really delivered. Having this space is a true blessing.

4.       What inspires you?

Toni Tits and I as “Jungölâ Drag Klöwns” bounce off our own artwork and inspire each other. We are both obsessed with Clowns from Grimaldi to Pierrot and the Venetian Harlequin. At heart we are inspired by Nature and the Colours of the Jungle. Where colour originates from is where we find most of our inspiration. We also have a big soft spot for Skinheads, 80’s Punk going into 90s Rave and the first Club Kids in NYC and London.

5.      Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by many artists and styles such as Nina Hagen and Walt Paper who is one of my favourite Club Kids.

6.     What is the biggest challenge when using vivid colour?

When using vivid colour our biggest challenge is locking colours and avoiding bleeding as our signature “Fruittii Hair Art” styles require a wide variety of colour splices.

7.      … And how do you overcome that challenge?

We use different techniques to create sharp lines between the colours. Either by using Embee Meches or letting certain colours lock-in first before applying any juxtaposed colour blocks. We have many secret tricks up our sleeves though 😉

8.      Why do you use Manic Panic?

Manic Panic ticks all of our boxes at Tuttii Fruittii London. Being Vegan products and offering such a fun kaleidoscope of colour tones we feel its the perfect brand that fits with ours. We also love where Tish and Snooky are coming from. We feel that its a perfect match on all levels.

9.       What is your #1 hair care tip?

Never bleach your hair at home yourself 😉

10.      What kind of experience do you want to give your clients?

Tuttii Fruittii London is a space to refresh yourself inside and out, a haven to recreate your identity if you wish and feel free in your soul. We always make sure our clients understand the process, the final result and give them total freedom to create the look they have envisioned. It’s all about them. We love our clients and want to create a really chilled environment with free hot drinks and sick music all day. Its Creative Hair Therapy.

11.        And Finally, What can we look forward to from Tuttii Fruittii in the future?

All i can say is WATCH THIS SPACE! Our latest look book Video and Photo shoot is in the making which will be shown in secret high profile magazines. We will be travelling around Europe to Showcase our Brand also in various Hair Competitions. Our next plan is to travel to the U.S to bring our Fruittii Flavourz to new audiences but I won’t say anymore ! Klöwns don’t reveal their Tricks 😉


Check out this gallery of Fruittii-ness …



Tutti Fruitti London - Hair Sculptors

Tutti Fruitti London – Hair Sculptors




Tutti Fruitti London - Hair Sculptors

Tutti Fruitti London – Hair Sculptors


Tutti Fruitti London - Hair Sculptors

Tutti Fruitti London – Hair Sculptors


Tutti Fruitti London - Hair Sculptors

Tutti Fruitti London – Hair Sculptors


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