Charlotte Mckenna – Manic Panic UK’s First Brand Ambassador!

Charlotte Mckenna Brand Ambassador

After nearly a year of being a bad ass Sponsored Stylist, Charlotte Mckenna has now become the First Brand Ambassador for Manic Panic UK and we couldn’t be more pleased. She has consistently worked hard to create the most magical of looks for her lucky clients, and has allowed us to ‘oggle’ over her talent sharing photos on her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Keep Reading for her Formula and Method for the Perfect Blue.

Here, Charlotte shares a little snippet of her Manic Panic UK journey with us all…

“18 months ago I was only just starting my love affair with Vivid colours, fast forward to now and I’m Manic Panic UK First Brand Ambassador.

My name’s Charlie McKenna and I’m a freelance vivid specialist from East Sussex. I’ve been a hair stylist for 15 years now, but after taking a break from taking on new clients I decided in 2016 to start up social media for Charlotte Mckenna Hair and push my business. The day after I set up said pages, Manic Panic UK contacted me to come and demo at Salon International 2016 –  I thought it was a joke at first.

From that moment on my vivid colouring grew, and working with Manic Panic UK has been a turning point in my career. I’ve been published in magazines including the Modern Salon Colour Formula issue and I’ve written features on how to create the perfect colour. Working with Manic Panic UK you feel like a part of a family and I wouldn’t be where I am without their support and encouragement.”

Now take a look at how Charlotte achieved the perfect blue –

“Primary” –  using the 3 primary colours to create a multi-tonal blue.


  • Formula 1: Igora and 6% with step one Innoluxe
  • Formula 2: Diluted Rockabilly blue
  • Formula 3: Rockabilly Blue and Electric Banana 2:1 with a teaspoon of Vampire red
  • Formula 4: Diluted with pastelizer formula 3
  • Formula 5: Rockabilly Blue and Vampire Res 2:1 mixed with pastelizer.
  • Formula 6: Diluted with pastelizer rockabilly blue.

My model started off with 9 week old fade of Professional line colours of Red velvet and Pussycat pink with electric banana from the classic line.

9 Week Fade Out

9 Week Fade Out


Now, I’m glad for what happened next so I can show you how I neutralize and still get to the tone I want. Even being Manic Panic’s UK First Brand Ambassador doesn’t mean I don’t get the odd moment where a colour pushes me and doesn’t go totally to plan. But it’s how you handle it that counts and you need to be able to think on your feet.

I started off by applying formula 1 all over. The red came out within seconds, however the pink didn’t want to move which is very uncommon for pinks. However after 10 minutes of seeing no change, I emulsified formula 2  over the bleach – A blue to neutralize the pink to give me a cleaner canvas. After 20 minutes I washed and dried.




Starting with formula 3, i applied to the roots to create a ‘Shadow Root’ , then blending into random sections of formula 4,5 and 6 making sure to really blend the root color into the others to get the perfect bleed.

It was then left on for 30 minutes, washed off in cold water and Innoluxe step 2 treatment was applied for 10 minutes.  Rinsed, dried on a medium setting and styled.



This Retro styled colour perfection is just the tip of the talent iceberg – make sure to follow her work.

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