Welcome to our brand new feature.. Stylist of the Month! Each month we will be celebrating one stand out talent.

This month we want you guys to see the magic of Alix Maya Clymer (or Mama Unicorn as many know her)

This american beauty hails from The Unicorn Salon in Virginia and creates the most stunning art on hair. She was recently appointed Global Artistic Director at Manic Panic NYC and has been working closely with our very own Tish and Snooky ever since.

She werrked the ABS stand in Chicago with the UK’s own Steven Austin and came away with her very own Manic Panic Professional Rainbow do!

She was a guest on stage at the Behind The Chair Tour in Los Angeles on May 1st where she showcased her immense talents with a standout creation inspired by  Frida Kahlo (See the photo below)

“This one, this one right here is what


                                 Mama Unicorn

She is known for celebrating the work of her fellow stylists on Instagram @TheUnicornTribe and now we celebrate her. The way she speaks so openly about what colour, creativity and identity mean to her has won the hearts of thousands, and we cannot wait to see what comes next from this shiny superstar.

 Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – shes totally worth it!

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