How To Create Magical Holograph Hair

2017 will be the year of the holograph hair..

We have seen this trend spread from holographic unicorn nails, clothes and accessories and now it is where it truly belongs!

Check out the steps below and give this a go!


Holograph Hair from Shelley Gregory Hair

Holographic Hair from Shelley Gregory Hair


Unfortunately this can only be achieved with a level 10 base (white blonde) that has been toned.

Start with a true pastel base using any colour you like – we recommend our Blue Angel or Velvet Violet Creamtones!

Ensure the colour is completely dry before the next step…

Paint patterns onto a sheet of clear plastic (acetate works best) using a spectrum of pastel colours. You can create a full range by mixing our pastel-izer with any of our dyes!

Press the pattern onto to sections of the hair or keep repeating on the same section for a more intense colour


Clear Patterns - Google

Clear Patterns – Google


Leave the pattern for 15 – 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly with cold water.



Beautiful Holograph Hair - Google

Beautiful Holograph Hair – Google



We cant wait to see more of this pixie dust, magical unicorn hair.

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