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After 40 years of being the iconic industry “gold standard” of creative hair colour, Manic Panic has developed a line of vibrant semi-permanent hair colours in a unique, translucent gel base, available exclusively to the professional salon registered customers.

All colours will be on sale 1/4/17 on our website at £7.99 


Grab a bargain and get a salon pack featuring one of every colour for only £80!



Available In 11 Beautiful Shades

  • Pro Pastel-izer/Mixer to “pastel-ize” any Manic Panic Professional colour, or to add shine. It can be used a conditioner and/or colour-lock treatment over any existing colour as a separate service for clients
  • Red Velvet: (Bright cherry red)  (UV)
  • Solar Yellow: (Medium true yellow)
  • Serpentine: (Medium true green)
  • Blue Bayou: (Medium turquoise)  (UV)
  • Celestine Blue: (Deep indigo blue)
  • Blue Velvet: (Deep violet based blue )
  • Violet Velvet: (Medium blue based violet)  (UV)
  • Love Power (Purple: Medium red based violet)
  • Divine Wine: (Medium violet based red)
  • Pussycat Pink: (Bright Neon pink )  (UV)
  • Smoke Screen: Deep grey – (Can be used alone or for mixing with other colours to create smoky/metallic shades.)



Official How To!

  • Step 1: Apply to clean, damp hair
  • Step 2: Process 15-30 minutes
  • Step 3: Rinse thoroughly, rinsing different colors separately and follow with a colour safe conditioner. Rinse again.


Whats the difference?

  •  Rich, deeply pigmented vibrancy that lasts through 40+ shampoos.
  •  Semi-translucent gel formula for a stained glass-like application, also aids in colour placement accuracy. Perfect for sharp and defined lines!
  •  Formulated with castor seed oil and lactic acid for smooth, shiny and healthy hair.
  •  Gentle acidic formula helps to close the hair’s cuticle and lock in colour.
  •  Nourishing ingredients help control split ends and retain moisture.
  •  Easy “blend-ability” to create endless colour possibilities.
  •  Vegan formula.
  •  11 inter-mixable shades + “Pastel-izer” to create delicate pastel shades.
  • No developer required.



Check out how they wash out…



Featured Colours!

Our sponsored stylists have been creating Manic Panic magic with these colours already! Check out some of their work below!


Work By Jaymz Marsters


Work by Steven Austin


Hair by Charlie Mckenna - MP Professional

Hair by Charlie Mckenna


Hair by Charlie Mckenna - MP Professional

Hair by Charlie Mckenna


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