Manic Panic Kids – To Dye Or Not To Dye?

The controversial Topic of colouring kids hair…


To dye or not to dye, this is a topic that has created a lot of controversy over that past few months in particular. The discussion of colouring your hair as a kid used to be “Muuum… Can i get highlights?” or “Muuum.. Can i  bleach my hair?”. Now there are more and more safe ways to be a little unicorn which means that damaging little ones hair is no longer an issue!


Colour By Jaymz Marsters


Laura DeFrate’s 10-year-old daughter Allison and 7-year-old son Indiana aren’t allowed to have fizzy drinks, get one hour of screen time a day and have to be in bed by 8:30 p.m. Hair in colors like Shocking Blue, Plum Passion and Green Envy? “I let them,” she says.



Some choose to sport the look during school holidays and others are rocking the rainbow locks all year round! Manic Panic can be applied to natural hair so the harmful processes of bleaching can be avoided, and it is non toxic, PPD and Ammonia free!


Mary Thomaston’s Little Mermaid


Mary Thomaston has come under fire recently from keyboard warriors around the globe after images of her little Unicorn went viral. She received comments such as….

‘Why would you do that ? Don’t get it. She had such beautiful hair. Would never do that to my daughter’s hair,’ wrote one woman.

and ‘ It’s too Adult’ Said another!

The qualified hairstylist was quick to respond though..”Dont worry folks it’ll wash out. She wasn’t harmed in the process. Just putting that out there since some people seem to be having a hard time with me coloring my child’s hair. It’s hair….it’ll grow back! Why not let them have fun while they’re young?”

Mary had coloured her daughters hair after checking with her school, and hearing her ask again and again if she could have it done. We think she looks beautiful!



While some of these little cuties are choosing to go all out with the colour, others are opting for something subtle like dip dyed ends, or Cotton Candy highlights! If you and your little rock star aren’t ready for the commitment yet, try our Dye Hard Gels – apply to gel, let it dye then brush through.

We think these little humans are owning their individuality and that’s awesome!

What do you think of these Mini- Manicers?

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