Harley Quinn for Halloween?

Thinking of being a Crazy, Beautiful Bad Ass Harley Quinn for Halloween this year?


Suicide Squad was one of the most anticipated movies of the year so its natural that you instantly want to become the living embodiment of the most intriguing lady in the DC world! Lucky for you we have everything you could possibly need to recreate her hair and make up look!

Gone are the days of previous HQ looks like these…


Source – Pinterest


Source- Pinterest

The new generation of Harley Quin make up looks like this!!..


Source – Pinterest

No need to worry about smudgy mascara and eyeliner an hour into your night with this look!

How to get the Manic Panic Harley Quinn Look:

  • The Hair

HQ’s signature hair can be achieved in a few simple steps….

  1. Pre-lighten your hair using our Flash Lightening Bleach Kit and following the instructions provided.
  2. Get yourself some pots of our Classic Formula Dye in Atomic Turquoise and New Rose
  3. Separate the hair into two halves and apply to the ends of either side
  4. Allow to develop for 30 minutes
  5. Rinse with cool water
  6. Dry, and style into messy, high pigtails!
  7. ( You can also try our Temporary Colour Styling Gels in Electric Sky and Electric Flamingo for commitment free colour!)
  • The Skin

Harley Quinn’s slightly ill looking complexion can be achieved with our foundations. Our Virgin Dreamtone Foundation is sweeping the nation as an amazing additive to your original foundation to create a lighter shade! It can be added to any brand in any colour and wont change the consistency or coverage! Just add a few drops at a time and mix well. This also works well to create different shades for contouring!

Finish off the look by setting it with one of our incredible Pressed Powder Compacts!

  • The Eyes.

Our Lust dusts and glitters are perfect for creating these vibrant eyes! Try our lust dusts in Infra Red and Electric Sky all over the lid and just above the crease, then apply the colour under the eyes, away from the nose and right over your cheek bones! (To glam this look up add a sprinkle of our Micro Glitter in Atomic Saphire and Ruby Slippers)

For Dark HQ brows try our Automatic Guyliner that doubles as a Brow Pencil!

Line close to the eyes with our Eye Pencil in Raven (Which you can also use for the hearts and writing on the face) and add our Glam Lashes in ‘Paris Paris‘ for a really wide eyed look!


Harley Quinn – Pinterest

  • The Lips

Use lashings of our C S Red Lethal Lipstick and a slick of our Cross Gloss in Poison Apple for a bold kissable pout.


Harley Quinn – Pinterest

  • The Outfit

If you want to Stay Warm and cosy on your night out and opt for her tamed look and get yourself an orange jumpsuit HERE!

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