Colourful Hair: Transform Your Tresses This Summer

Festival season is in full swing and the summer holidays are just around the corner, so what better time to experiment with colourful hair styles?

Colourful Hair: Transform Your Tresses This Summer

Here at Manic Panic, we are crazy about colour and OBSESSED with the latest styling trends. That’s why we love sharing our ideas and tips for creating awesome hair styles.

Right now, we can’t get enough of the daring Dye Hard gels and the gorgeous Glam Strips, perfect for creating an awesome temporary hair colour. So, if you fancy switching up your look this summer, read on for ideas and inspiration!

Go Dippy For Dye Hard Gels



Looking for an instant colour transformation that will wash off in the shower? Dye Hard gels could be your summer hair hero!

Colourful Hair: Transform Your Tresses This Summer

Temporary hair colour is perfect is you wanna change your look to suit your mood or fancy a particular colour for a festival or a party. You can create a vivid colour without commitment and experiment with which shades work well with your features and skin tone.

Here at MPUK, we have Dye Hard gels in every colour of the rainbow, so you can create a colour explosion with one colour or several shades for a more outrageous look.

Dye Hard is a safe, non-toxic formula that washes out with shampoo easily. Plus, the gel acts as a styling product so you can shape your hair whilst altering the colour. Find out more about Dye Hard gels and how to use them in this helpful Dye Hard gel tutorial.

We’ve got everything from Electric Lizard green to Vampire Red and Electric Banana yellow, so you never have to be bored of your hair colour again!

Go Ga-Ga For Glam Strips

Wanna add a splash of colour to your do without altering the tone of your natural locks? Create a stylish look for summer with the Glam Strips clip in extentions, a simple way to create funky hair streaks. Some of our glam strips are UV reactive so you’ll attract plenty of attention at parties and on nights out!

Colourful Hair: Transform Your Tresses This Summer

Creating colourful hair has never been so simple. Liven up your look without the commitment with these funky hair strips and create pastel streaks, a multi coloured fringe or even a neon braid!

These rad hair strips are easy to use and you can stick to one vibrant colour or combine a few different shades for a look that will get heads turning! Why not combine the Shocking Blue with the Atomic Turquoise or pair the Pretty Flamingo with the Cotton Candy? Or simply use as many colours as you can get your hands on and become a rainbow for the night!


For tips on creating a seamless look, read our easy to follow guide to using Manic Panic Glam Strips and watch this hair extension tutorial.

Sporting a short style? If 18″ is a little too long for your needs, check out our range of Manic Panic Micro Synthetic Glam Strips, available in the same awesome hues, but clocking in at a petite 8″ long!

So, if you want to add a little rainbow to your locks for one night only, check out our wicked range of temporary hair colour now!


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