Rainbow Eyebrows: Up Your Brow Game!

At Manic Panic UK we’re always looking for the latest beauty trends and we’re OBSESSED with colour, which is exactly why we’ve fallen completely in love with Rainbow Eyebrows!

Also known as rainbrows, these colourful cosmetic statements are a great way to really enhance your look using every colour of the rainbow! You may have seen rainbrows popping up all over the internet being edited into memes and cartoons like the Japanese web comic Hetalia, but with our guide we show you how to make colourful rainbow brows work for you!


Hetalia Web Comic ft. Rainbow Eyebrows Sourced from Pinterest

With a wealth of different styles, materials and colours to choose from, this coloured eyebrows trend is designed for those that want to up their brow game.

Want to experiment with #RainbowEyebrows but not sure where to start? Don’t worry, this eyebrows makeup tutorial will tell you everything you need to know to get those brows on fleek.


Step One: Choose A Style


Rainbow Eyebrows come in all different shapes, sizes and colours so before you begin applying those vibrant hues, first of all you need to decide what look you’re going for. Here’s a few options to get you started…


Instagram Colour Highlight

Image sourced from Pinterest

The Colour Highlight Instagram Brow

This subtle coloured brow is created using coloured eye shadow just to dust the tips of the hair. Perfect for colour virgins, this eyebrow style only catches the eye in the right light, giving your look a mysterious edge that will set you apart from the crowd.


Ombre Brows

Image sourced from Pinterest

Ombré Brows

This rainbow eyebrow trend is a gorgeous way to coordinate your look. Choose two colour variations from the same palette and blend, blend, BLEND until you get that seamless ombré effect which is seriously selfie-worthy!


Glitter Rainbrows

Image by GlitterGirlC sourced from Pinterest

Glitter Eyebrows

One of the more vibrant rainbow eyebrows designs, glitter eyebrows are always a big hit for fans of colour. These brows are created by GlitterGirlC and are inspired by My Little Pony‘s Rainbow Dash! If you want to learn how to colour your eyebrows like this at home, check out her tutorial!


Pastel Brows

Image sourced from Pinterest

Pastel Brows

This coloured eyebrows trend is absolutely perfect for summer. This pastel goth style brow is created by selecting the palest of pale pastel coloured eyeshadows to create those perfect dolly eyebrows! You can even coordinate your pastel eyebrows with some pastel locks using Manic Panic Hair Dyes and Pastel-izer.


Rainbow Brows

Image from Instagram- @adrian.plus

Full Rainbow Palette Brows!

If you don’t want to be limited to just a couple of colours but you haven’t got brows substantial enough to support every colour of the rainbow in one, why not spread your rainbow palette across both brows? This funky eyebrow style creates a truly rainbow inspired look that spreads across your whole forehead, because why not?!




By now you might have an idea of what kind of rainbow eyebrows you fancy, but the next big question is where can you wear them? Whilst some of us might be brave enough to sport these babies every day, many people will only get their rainbow on for a special occasion! Here are some eyebrow style ideas that are specially designed to fit the dress-code…



Any of these colourful eyebrows work well for a spooky Halloween look, whether you’re feeling like a red devil or an eery ombré witch! By using gradient blending techniques and some dark, halloween-worthy colours, you can coordinate any fancy dress!


New Year’s Eve/Nights Out

If you’re looking for a stand-out style for NYE or any other party or night out, try combining neon Manic Panic Glow Glitter™ or body paints to create a glow-in-the-dark UV eyebrow. You can even incorporate glitter eyebrows and UV neon eyebrows to create the ultimate party brows!


Summer/Festival Fashion

If you’re headed to any music festivals or gigs this summer, this is a golden rainbow opportunity to flaunt your on-fleek eyebrows! Think of all the #selfie opportunities you’re going to have throughout the summer months, so make sure your eyebrows are as beautiful as the rest of you!



So now you’ve decided what style of rainbow eyebrows you’re going for, and when, it’s time to make sure you’ve got everything you need to work that look. So to create rainbrows, we recommend using:

  • Moisturiser/Primer for the base
  • Angular Eyebrow Brush
  • Soft Blending Brush
  • Pigmented Eyeshadows/Body Paint/Hair Gel/Liners
  • Cosmetic Glitter (make sure it’s skin safe!)
  • Cotton Buds

Rainbow Eyebrow Cosmetics


Let’s Get It On!

Now you have your chosen style, occasion (seriously though, as if you need one!) and all the bits and bobs you could possibly need, bet you’re wondering how to turn those boring old slugs into some fabulous sparkly unicorn eyebrows?!

Follow these steps to find out how to colour your eyebrows at home:

  1. First of all, wipe off any brow makeup you may already be working, it’s best to start with a completely clean canvas
  2. Then, use a brush to carefully apply some moisturiser or primer to the eyebrow
  3. Grab your angular brush and apply the coloured eyeshadow or dust to the brow. Be careful not to overload your brush as you may end up with shadow sprinkling all over your face, which actually sounds pretty cool anyway right…?
  4. Using the softer brush, blend any adjoining colours so that they blend into each other seamlessly
  5. You can now set the look using a little eyebrow wax. If you want to apply cosmetic glitter to your brows, use the same soft brush and dab a little glitter on whilst the wax is still fresh and sticky for best results

Alternatively, if you would prefer to use liner or body paint to create your rainbrow eyebrows, you can:

  1. First of all, wipe off any brow makeup you may already be working, it’s best to start with a completely clean canvas
  2. Draw on whichever colour eyeliners/body paints you choose along the natural brow line

Whichever way you choose to create those Unicorn eyebrows, the best way to perfect them is to practice, so get brow-ing before festival season is here!


For more tips and tricks, check out these tutorials on creating those rainbrows at home:

Alexandra Merino- Rainbow Eyebrows

Kristen Leanne – Ombré Colored Eyebrow Tutorial

Kristen Leanne – Ombré On Dark Thick Eyebrows

Now you have EVERYTHING you need to get your rainbow eyebrows started (you’re welcome btw) there really is nothing stopping you! As always, make sure you check out rainbow eyebrows on Pinterest for more beauty inspiration.

Once you have got your rainbrows perfected, we’d love to see your creations! So make sure you share a selfie with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the tag #MPUKRainbrows


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