Dare to Dazzle: How To Create Glitter Tears

Glitter tears is the latest fashion craze to take the internet by storm. Search for ‘glitter tears’ on Instagram or Pinterest and you will find countless dazzling looks from soft and subtle sparkles to bold and outrageous creations.

Here at MPUK, we’ve already experimented with glittery roots and coloured freckles and now it’s time to go mad for crying glitter tears!

Now sadness can look stunning with the illusion of gorgeous glittery tears! If you’re as excited as us about creating extreme attention grabbing sparkles then read on!

Sourced from Iconosquare

Sourced from Iconosquare

The best thing about this magical look is that you can get creative and forget about precision. Achieve stunning glitter art simply by applying as much sparkle as you want under your eyes and extend it down your cheek as far as you like.

You can be as subtle or as crazy as you want, so why not have fun experimenting with different styles? You could try applying an even shimmery coverage underneath the eye or create a more vivid design by applying more heavily in tear shaped patterns that run down your face! This wicked new trend really has no rules.

Whether you want to attract attention with minimal tear drops or go for full blown glitter weeping, you can find all the makeup items you require at Manic Panic.

Here are some adventurous glittery products for you to try to ensure you have the most magical eyes in the room!:

Glitter Tears

Glitter Tears

We recommend sweeping your favourite glitter eye shadow shade over your lids and adding some eye catching glow glitter on top or underneath your eye, extending it down your cheek as far as you want. Why not experiment with combining different colours for a more scandalous look?

Use a glitter eye pencil to extenuate the outline of your eyes and make sure your brows are defined too. Then stick on the glitter glam lashes for a truly unforgettable look.

If you’re going for a dramatic style of glitter tears, play around with the colourful glitter shapes which are easy to stick on and will give you the extreme look you desire.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Golden glitter tears – use a lighter shade for your lids and go for a bolder gold under your eyes. Use an eye liner to define your eyes, the bolder the better!

Image sourced from Pinterest

Image sourced from Pinterest

Rainbow glitter tears – if you’re going for the weird and wacky weeping style, combine multiple colours and trail glitter down your face.

Awesome Angry Tears – go Gothic with smoky black and crimson red shades to create a furious and fearsome look.

Image sourced from Pinterest

Image sourced from Pinterest

Don’t forget to add your choice of lip colour, hair dye and even contact lenses for a more eccentric look!

This new addition to grunge glamour is as gorgeous as it is haunting and we’re obsessed with it! So grab your make up bag and get experimenting with this wicked trend, the only tears you won’t need to wipe away!

Share your inventive glitter tears designs with us using the hash tag #mpukglittertears! Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and show off your creations!


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