UV Hair Colour

UV Hair Colour

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UV Hair Colour


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Manic Panic UV Hair Dye is available in a variety of colours to help you achieve a gorgeous glowing hairstyle under UV blacklight. These vibrant tones will take your punk hairstyle to a whole new level.

If you are a Dye Hard, you are likely to have tried every classic colour going especially if you are a hair chameleon. For out of this world hair that is sure to give you a more unusual style why not try out Manic Panic UV hair dye?

Here are some of the colours you could try out:

  • UV pink hair dye: Pink in any shade is a popular choice for Dye Hards but you can take your look to the next level with one of our UV reactive colours. Whether you want a hot pink or soft pink, by day it will look like your average dyed hairstyle but when the party gets started and you are under blacklights you can enjoy a funky glow effect.
  • UV hair dye blue: Light up your look with UV reactive blue hair dye. This awesome shade will give you a rich colour as well as a stunning neon style. A deep blue hairstyle looks even more incredible under UV reactive light.
  • UV green hair dye: For a galactic alien influence, why not try neon green hair dye. This funky colour is sure to look totally toxic. One of the brightest shades in the UV range; if you want to take a big leap of faith into this trend then this bold and daring colour is the one for you.

While the colours may look totally toxic with creepy green tones or vibrant yellows, the ingredients are carefully selected to take care of your hair. The semi-permanent hair dyes are PPD and ammonia-free for a gentler dyeing experience. PPD is often the cause of allergic reactions from hair dyes so the absence of this ingredient is sure to help those with more sensitive skin. Remember it is always important to do a patch test before applying the hair dye to check for any reactions and to make sure the colour is exactly what you want.

Types of UV Hair Dye

  • UV Hair Gel: This totally temporary hair colour is perfect for those who want to sport a crazy hairstyle for a party but need to be ready to go back to work with their natural hair colour. Restore your hair to its natural colour by simply washing out the gel. You may need an extra round of shampoo compared to your usual routine to help remove the gel from your hair but once it has gone there will be no colour left to give away your weekend antics. The other benefit of using gel is that you can use it to style your hair as well as colour it.
  • UV Semi-permanent Hair Dye: If you are looking for a more permanent colour switch then Manic Panic’s semi-permanent hair dyes are the ones for you! With up to 6 weeks of colour, you can enjoy your UV style for longer.

If you are using semi-permanent hair dye there are a few tricks you can try to help your UV hair colour last for longer. Firstly, prepare your hair by only using PHP neutral shampoo and conditioner. This means when it comes to dyeing your hair, the colour will be able to better absorb into the hair. Continue using a gentle shampoo after dyeing or keep your colour vibrant with a colour-preserve shampoo. Another tip for washing your hair is to use cool water as this prevents the hair cuticle opening up and seeping colour. To keep your hair colour vibrant for as long as possible wash hair as infrequently as you can. There are some other surprising things that can make your hair dye fade faster such as direct sunlight so if you have recently coloured your hair it may be time to try out those cute hats you have been collecting.

What Is The Difference Between Neon Hair Dye And UV Hair Dye?

UV light hair dye requires a UV reactive light to be directed at your hair in order for the strands to glow whereas neon hair dye will give a luminous effect in any light type. It is the vibrancy of the colour that gives the neon style.

You are likely to find that with Manic Panic UV reactive hair dye, the dyes will look neon in daylight and give the cool UV glow under blacklight. We often recommend using UV hair dye if you are planning a photoshoot that will be under blacklight or if you are going to a party with this type of lighting. This will help you make the most of your new colour and show it off to the max!

UV reactive hair dye is certainly a fun way to experiment with your look, especially if you have tried every colour in the book and are looking for something to switch it up. Whether you will be getting your UV style through a salon or at home, we recommend lightening your hair first for the best results. This will help you to get the best saturation from your hair dye and therefore the best glow. The bright colour will only show up true to the picture if you have lightened your hair. However, you can achieve subtle highlights and hints of colour on darker natural hair.

So as you can see blacklight hair dye will look awesome during the day but if you want to experience the full effect of the UV glow make sure you have a UV reactive light available. UV hair dye is seeing a rise in popularity so if you are a social media influencer or photographer this is a great style to surprise your fans with. There are sure to be plenty of customers trying out these crazy colours both at home and at hair salons.