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Salon Extras

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If you would like to stock Manic Panic hair dyes then make sure you have the professional Salon Accessories to go with them. With branded items available and a range of handy display stands to help you market your Manic Panic products you can soon join the colour rebellion.

Manic Panic was established in 1977 by Tish and Snooky, and their passion for hair colour has helped their reputation grow to dizzying heights. If you want to be part of their hair revolution then make sure you fully embrace the Manic Panic style.

Many customers specifically search for Manic Panic hair dyes because they are vegan-friendly and NOT tested on animals. This strong brand image was created through Tish and Snooky’s genuine love for their furry friends. Having rescued animals throughout their lives, the brand founders truly believe in its message. That’s why you can be sure that your customers will respond positively to seeing Manic Panic displayed on your shelves as part of your hairdressing equipment.

Here are just some of the ways you can introduce Manic Panic hair salon accessories to your customers:

  • Display Stands: Available in cardboard and Perspex designs for displaying Manic Panic hair dye pots in your salon. If you want a complete display cabinet then we have a light up design available which can hold up to 60 standard pots of Manic Panic. For displaying amplified bottles make sure to add the Perspex display stand to your salon accessories list. This stand has been specifically designed to the measurement of an Amplified bottle whereas many of the other stands are made to fit the tubs of hair dye from the Creamtones and High Voltage ranges.
  • Swatches: Your customers may want to try before they buy which is where a swatch ring or display will come in handy. Show how the hair dyes will look on pre-lightened hair to help your customer decide on a colour.
  • Look Book: Sometimes you need a little extra inspiration to decide on a creative style. The look book is full of awesome dyed hair pictures including rainbow and two tone designs. The colours that have been used to create these hairstyles are listed in the caption of the image so you will be able to re-create the exact style.

Hairdressing Accessories

Here at Manic Panic, we have been helping people achieve the hair colours of their dreams since 1977. We have perfected the hair dyes and also know how important it is to have the right hair stylist accessories to go with this. Make sure you have everything on hand for your customers so you can focus on the creative part! Whatever colour or design your clients ask for, you are sure to need these hair salon accessories products on hand:

  • Tint brushes: Available in a variety of sizes to help you achieve fast coverage or precision colouring.
  • Tint Bowls: Mix your hair dyes with pastel-izer or other colours to create your own shade of Manic Panic.
  • Gloves: Available in a latex free material for an allergy-friendly product. An essential item for keeping your hands safe and stain free during hair dye application.
  • Cape: Every hairdressing equipment list includes a cape to keep your customer’s clothes clean. Our cape features a branded Manic Panic star to the front.

This isn’t the limit of our salon equipment; our collection includes products for all types of hairdressing work from salon to mobile to shows. If you are a mobile hairdresser or regularly attend shows then why not store your Manic Panic products in our branded tote or messenger bag? This way you can be certain to have all your hairdressing tools in one place, ready to go.

These salon accessories wholesale are available in bulk quantities but we understand that some of the products you will only want to purchase once such as a display stand. That’s why you can have complete control over the number of items you purchase when you are a Salon Account holder.

However you want to stock your Salon, we can help you find all the salon accessories you need with our range of Manic Panic items.