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Professional Colour

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Professional Colour


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The Manic Panic Professional colour range is designed specifically for salon use. This richly pigmented hair dye needs a professional’s touch for best results. The gel based dye is designed to give a shimmering finish to your customer’s hair as well as long lasting colour.

This professional semi permanent hair colour will last for up to 40 shampoos meaning your customers can enjoy their new vibrant colour for longer. This deeply pigmented hair dye has several features that enable it to give vibrant long-lasting results.

  • Hair colour comes from the cortex of the hair. When using professional colour hair dye, the molecules of the dye mimic the hair shaft construction for maximum colour deposit.
  • In order to keep the colour vibrant once the dye has been applied, the gentle acidic formula helps to close the hair’s cuticle and lock-in the colour.
  • This carefully tested hair dye fades true to tone as long as the hair is correctly maintained.

The benefit of using a gel based professional hair dye is that it allows you to be totally accurate in your placement. This means you can go wild with creating the hairstyle your customer has always wanted. From ombre effects to dip dyes and even more outrageous styles, these gel dyes are the perfect consistency for blending in order to create flawless colour designs.

The professional colours range comes in tubes for easy use. These tubes will help you minimise mess and only use the amount you need so you can efficiently colour your customer’s hair and provide the optimum service that we know all you Dye Hards strive for. Manic Panic is passionate about bringing people the hair colours they have always dreamed of but never dared to try. With your expert work and our crazy colours you are sure to have plenty of satisfied customers.

Choosing Your Professional Hair Dye Brands

When dyeing hair, customers are often concerned about how the product will affect the condition of their hair. After all, it is well known that bleaching alone can dry out your hair before you have even added the final colour. The ingredients in this professional hair dye allows the hair to keep the best condition thanks to the moisturising properties. Here’s exactly how the formula benefits your customers hair:

  • Professional Colours contains lactic acid which helps to condition, moisturize, and strengthen the hair in order to prevent breakages.
  • Castor seed oil helps control split ends and improves moisture retention to create smooth, shiny, healthier looking hair.
  • The Manic Panic formula is PPD & Ammonia free which means it is less likely to cause allergic reactions or damage to the hair. (Please Note: We recommend patch testing all hair dyes before use)

Every aspect of the production of this professional hair colour online has been carefully considered which means Manic Panic is able to bring you vegan hair dye that has plenty of benefits to the health of your hair. The products are NOT tested on animals. In fact, Tish and Snooky’s famous tag line is ‘Tested On Celebrities. Not Animals’.

Where To Buy Professional Hair Colour

If you are looking to buy professional hair colour online then why not shop with Manic Panic. Our brand is popular with celebrities and has been established since 1977. We are privileged to have built up an incredible reputation for providing vegan friendly hair products and cosmetics that don’t compromise on colour or quality to help you provide the best salon services.

You won’t find many salon hair colour brands UK that can compete with the quality and price of Manic Panic. Our established brand has been developing signature vibrant colours for decades so that you can find the colour to suit all kinds of styles including rockabilly, punk, and alternative looks.

If you want to stock up your professional hair dye salon with Manic Panic branded accessories then you will find everything you need from a colour swatch ring to tint brushes, to go with your hair dye. This famous brand is sure to entice customers into trying out a new colour! With a vast range of shades to choose from, you will have plenty to offer them.

When you shop Manic Panic UK your items will be sent from our UK warehouse meaning you can enjoy faster or cheaper shipping options, depending on your needs. The products from this website are also available for shipping to a variety of other countries, including Europe. Our warehouse team aims to dispatch all orders within 24 hours of the order being placed. For more information about Delivery please click here.

Buy Salon Hair Dye Online

This product is not suited to professional hair colour at home which is why it is currently only available to account holders who are purchasing for salon use. To see your account type go to your account and you will find all the information you need.

Make sure to regularly check back on our website to find out about the latest promotions. Some promotions will be specific to your account type so you can find the best offers on professional hair colour wholesale for your salon. Make sure you are logged into your account while you shop to be able to see prices and offers.

When it comes to the professional hair colour chart you can choose between yellow, purple, green, pink, blue and more! Find shades that will truly get your customers excited and ready for a new hairstyle with these bold colours.

Our Manic Panic professional hair colour is designed to look awesome without compromising on the health of your hair. Get incredible vibrant shades while leaving your hair feeling hydrated and luscious. Start stocking Professional colour in your salon and get your customers talking about this amazing vegan brand.