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Yellow Hair Dye

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Yellow Hair Dye

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UV Reactive Vegan Friendly Free From
Manic Panic High Voltage® Classic Hair Colour 118ml (Electric Banana®)
Manic Panic High Voltage® Classic Hair Colour 118ml (Electric Banana®)
Vegan Friendly Free From
Manic Panic High Voltage® Classic Hair Colour 118ml (Sunshine™)
Manic Panic High Voltage® Classic Hair Colour 118ml (Sunshine™)
Vegan Friendly Free From
Manic Panic Professional (Solar Yellow)
Manic Panic Professional (Solar Yellow)

If you have been playing it safe with your hair dye colours, it is time to shake things up with yellow Manic Panic. This range is carefully curated to offer you the best in bright yellow hair dyes so your hair can be as vibrant as you are! These gorgeous shades will give your locks that lovely refreshed look for a light and airy style.

There are two key shades in the Manic Panic Yellow hair dye collection so that you can get the brightest yellow hair to match your vibe. These gorgeous shades will help your hair to shine as brightly as the sun - especially stunning for a summertime look! While most yellow hair features corn shades of blonde and natural blonde tones, the Manic Panic collection takes inspiration from two of the most yellow things on the planet - the Sun and bananas. It may sound a little crazy but the Manic Panic brand is all about not being afraid to stand out for the crowd. Be bold and be proud of your latest hairstyle.

When Tish and Snooky founded Manic Panic in 1977, their vision was to create punky hair colours for everyone to enjoy. Not only can you grab an exceptionally bright shade of hair dye, but you can also colour your hair knowing you are caring for the planet and for your hair. The Manic Panic formula is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. It is free from all kinds of nasty chemicals found in many other brands of semi-permanent hair dye such as PPDs. To complete the magic formula, this hair dye conditions while it colours to leave your hair feeling absolutely amazing and strong.

Manic Panic Yellow Hair Dye Colours

Manic Panic sunshine is a super bright and light shade of yellow hair dye. When we are talking about yellow hair we mean it! Forget about blondes and soft yellow tones, we want it bright and loud. This stunning shade is sure to pair with all kinds of punky, rockabilly, and alternative styles to help you create a hairstyle that truly makes you feel confident in yourself.

It is hard to believe Manic Panic can make it any brighter than the Sunshine shade but we have! Manic Panic Yellow Electric Banana is a super vibrant shade of Manic Panic that also glows under UV reactive light. This gorgeous colour is born to stand out and is the perfect way to have fun with your next hairstyle.

The main difference between Manic Panic Sunshine vs Electric Banana is that Electric Banana is UV reactive. The shades are similar but Electric Banana has that neon edge that is a few tones lighter than Sunshine Manic Panic.

As you Dye Hards will know, shades like yellow Manic Panic will only be successful when applied to light hair. The very light undertones of the Manic Panic Yellow hair dyes means that they are unlikely to be visible on darker hair colours. For the best results, you will need to bleach and tone your hair to the lightest level of platinum blonde to enjoy the full effect of Sunshine and Electric Banana. 

If you are visiting a Salon to get your next hair colour or are a hairdresser yourself, then you will have access to Manic Panic Solar Yellow. This shade of Manic Panic yellow is part of the Professional collection. This gel-based semi-permanent hair dye is slightly darker than the Manic Panic High Voltage Yellow hair dye shades but has just as much vibrancy.

The light tones of temporary yellow hair dye mean that it can fade faster than other colours but with the right care you can ensure your hair stays looking fabulous. Our favourite tips include washing your hair as infrequently as possible and only using cold or lukewarm water to prevent the colour from running, avoiding too much heat, and of course, stocking up on the Manic Panic Hair Care collection. Our shampoo and conditioner are specifically made to care for dyed hair which means it contains none of the harsh ingredients that can cause the colour to be stripped quickly. It is gentle on hair and made for pairing with Manic Panic hair dyes.

There are so many ways to style your Manic Panic yellow hair dye. If you want a fun glow up for summer then we would love to see you rocking Manic Panic Sunshine Yellow. The warmth in the tone of this hair dye makes it perfect for a classic all-over colour style. However, we also absolutely love dip dyed fringes and ends as well as beautiful two-toned looks with this shade.

Pairing your yellow hair dye with other shades is the perfect way to balance out the sunny tones. Create a fiery style by pairing your yellow colour with red or create a beach-themed contrast with pastel blue.

If you are opting for Electric yellow hair dye then choosing other shades from the UV reactive range is great for creating your next party style. See how the different colours glow under UV reactive light for a truly funky look.

Want to find out more about what our customers and affiliates think of our hair dyes? There’s no better recommendation from a Manic Panic sunshine review than seeing it in action on our social media accounts. We are always sharing pictures from our Dye Hards so make sure to check it out for yourself to see real-life examples of Manic Panic hair dye.

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