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Glamnation Cosmetics

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Glamnation Cosmetics

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Vegan Friendly
Manic Panic™ True Glam Lashes (Emerald City)
Manic Panic™ True Glam Lashes (Emerald City)
Vegan Friendly
Manic Panic Glam Lashes (Space Angel)
Manic Panic Glam Lashes (Space Angel)

While Manic Panic is most famous for the range of hair dyes; we also produce Manic Panic cosmetics so your makeup can have the same bold colours as your hairstyle. In fact, in some ranges such as Manic Panic lipstick, you can colour match your lips to your hair.

With everything you need for a full face of makeup and a new nail colour, Manic Panic cosmetics are perfect for completing your Rockabilly, Gothic, and Rock n Roll look.

Manic Panic Creamtones Lethal Lipstick:

Manic Panic lipstick ingredients and production process means you can purchase in the confidence that these are NOT tested on animals. The cream formula makes for smooth application and a semi-matte finish.

All our lipsticks include images of how the colour is likely to show on your lips. Our Manic Panic lipstick swatches will help you find the bold or subtle lip colour you have been searching for. From classic red and pink shades to daring yellow and green tones; these unique cream lipsticks are designed to help you truly express yourself.

One of the most popular shades is Manic Panic Deadly Nightshade thanks to the deep purple finish that will complete a range of looks from Gothic to Rock n Roll. If you are looking for a totally unusual lip shade then we would like to introduce you to the rich tones of Serpentine green lipstick. This gorgeous shade is sure to make a great punk look.

Manic Panic Vampyre’s Veil Pressed Powder:

Manic Panic white powder comes in a compact, perfect for taking out and about. The range of shades will help you achieve anything from a paler than pale vampire complexion to a subtle natural tone. The Manic panic white foundation is particularly popular within the Goth community thanks to Marilyn Manson. This stunning colour is a great base for applying your Gothic makeup.

Manic Panic Dreamtone Flawless Foundation:

The Manic Panic foundation is a classic foundation that aims to provide a flawless finish. With extract of aloe in the formula, you can enjoy a healing element to this makeup. It is available in a range of tones for a flawless finish.

Manic Panic Deluxe Glam Lashes:

Complete your look with our range of wild false eyelashes. Manic Panic lashes come in a range of designs and colours to suit your mood. From crazy experimental styles to everyday lash styles, you are sure to enjoy trying out a variety of new eyelash looks. Manic Panic eyelashes are designed for the daring so take a fashion leap of faith and explore an exciting new you.

Manic Panic Love Colors Glitter Eye Shadow:

The Manic Panic eyeshadow pots are re-sealable and travel sized so you can top up your colour on the go. Available in a range of colours, including Manic Panic pink shades, make sure your makeup is as bold as your personality with the Love Colors range of Manic Panic eye shadow.

 Manic Panic Lust Dust:

For the days when you are feeling that little bit extra, top up your makeup with some Manic Panic lust dust. This sparkling powder can be used on your face, body, and hair making it perfect for creating a festival vibe. Alternatively, top your eyeshadow with this shimmering powder for an extra dash of glamour.

Manic Panic Eye & Lip Pencil Liner:

Stick to a traditional eyeliner colour with the Manic Panic Raven liner in black or switch it up with highly pigmented tones of blue, green, and grey. These multipurpose pencils can be used to line lips and eyes.

Manic Panic Cross Gloss:

Enjoy a glossy finish with the Manic Panic Cross Gloss makeup range. This lip gloss is vegan friendly! The bright colours are sure to make you feel gorgeous and the handy wand makes it easy to apply. You can even combine the Cross Gloss shades to create a new lip design. This awesome formula is completed with moisturizing properties for a gorgeous feel.

Manic panic Micro Glitter Jewels:

The Glam Nation glitter jewels are available in a handy tub with shaker style top for easy even application. Apply to skin or hair using a fixing gel for a long lasting glitter effect or sprinkle over you for a more subtle hint of sparkle. This fun Glam-nation makeup is popular for use at festivals but is also a fun way to switch up your everyday look.

Manic Panic Claw Colors Nail Varnish:

There’s one final element you will need to help complete your Manic panic transformation. Manic Panic nail polish is available in a range of shades to help you create the nails of your dreams. From colours with glitter to pure neon tones; you can enjoy trying out a range of different colours to find the perfect design. What’s even more impressive is that these bright colours don’t come at a price – they are entirely vegan-friendly and are NOT tested on animals. Please note that nail varnishes can only be dispatched via ground shipping.

While not all Manic Panic Glamnation cosmetics are vegan, we can say that every single product is NOT tested on animals as this is something Tish and Snooky feel incredibly passionate about. You can shop with the confidence that our makeup ranges have been produced in the most ethical way.

As you can see Manic Panic cosmetics have just as many choices as the hair dye so you can perfect your alt look and enjoy expressing yourself to the max. Choose the colours that stand out to you and enjoy pairing together different shades to create a look that is unique to you.