Dye Hard Temporary Hair Colour

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Dye Hard Temporary Hair Colour


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If you are looking for a temporary hair colour change then check out Manic Panic hair gel! This easy-to-use coloured hair styling gel is pigmented so you can experience an awesome new hairstyle for just one night.

This coloured hair gel wash out design means you can enjoy switching up your hair colour for a party or fancy dress event but can quickly turn it back to your everyday colour by washing your hair. When washing out Manic Panic gel it can be worth applying an extra round of shampoo compared to your normal routine in order to ensure all the gel is removed.

If you want to make your colour hair gel last a little bit longer, then simply avoid washing your hair. The gel will remain in your hair giving you a lasting great colour. Remember, this temporary hair colour gel is generally designed for a single night of use which means the colour may fade over time. If you would like to keep the hair gel colour for the next night it can be better to wash it out and start from fresh to get it back to a vibrant colour.

The gel element of this temporary hair colour means you can style your hair as you apply to create an even wilder look. This is sure to come in handy for your ghostly Halloween looks or punky festival outfits.

Manic Panic Dye Hard gel offers ‘Color Without Commitment’ which is perfect for those of you who are indecisive and love to instantly be able to switch up your look. Make sure you have a good supply of each colour so you can create the look to suit your changeable mood.

There are a couple of ways to use your Manic Panic temporary hair gel. If you would like a punk rock style with spikes or a Mohawk then make sure you apply plenty of gel to keep your new hairdo firmly in place. If you are looking for the colour effect without a gelled look, then after applying the gel leave it to dry without styling your hair. Once dry you can comb out the hair colour gel to make it look more like hair chalk. You will leave the colour behind but will tone down the wet look that the gel gives. This softer appearance is great for a subtle everyday colour change style.

Manic Panic Dye Hard Gel Colours

Available colours of Manic Panic Dye Hard styling gel include:

  • Yellow: Available as a UV reactive gel
  • Pink: Available as a UV reactive gel
  • Orange: Available as a UV reactive gel
  • Blue: Available as a UV reactive gel
  • Purple: Perfect for parties and festivals
  • Red: Perfect for Vampire costumes
  • White: Perfect for Halloween ghosts
  • Black: Perfect for Gothic looks
  • Silver: Enjoy a shimmering metallic finish
  • Gold: Enjoy a shimmering metallic finish

As you can see some gels are more popular for use with a fancy dress costume while others can create a fun everyday switch. Gels such as Manic Panic Dye Hard gel red look equally awesome as part of a costume or everyday style.

Manic panic hair dye gel is available in small re-sealable tubes which means you can use as much or as little as you like. If you are heading to a fancy dress party then why not take your pocket-sized Dye Hard gel with you to top up your hairstyle throughout the night. Ensure your gelled style stays standing tall and you don’t have any sneaky flyaway hairs.

Temporary hair colour styling gel is sure to come in handy for plenty of different occasions. Here are just some of the events our temporary hair dye can be used for:

  • Festivals: This quick and easy way to switch up your look into weekend mode is sure to be handy for taking to a festival. Easily apply on the go and use the gel element to style your hair into wild new festival looks. This fun hair gel is sure to help you keep your hair under control while you are camping out and enjoying the festival fun.
  • Fancy Dress: In a range of Halloween inspired colours, why not add the finishing touches to your costumes with some temporary hair gel. A green hairdo or ghostly white appearance can certainly bring the spookiness to your costume.
  • Everyday Switch: If you just love to be that little bit extra but can’t permanently dye your hair a crazy colour then why not compromise with a Manic Panic hair gel. Switch up your look for a day or so then instantly wash out the colour for work or school. There’s nothing quite as fun as experimenting with your look over the summer holidays.
  • Parties: The UV range of hair gels are sure to look awesome at parties that are being hosted under UV reactive light. The vibrant glow is sure to get you in the party mood. These bright and bold tones can help you party the night away whether for a special event such as New Year’s or an evening of dancing with friends.

As you can see there are endless amounts of ways you can use your Manic Panic hair gel so make sure you always have plenty of colours on hand so you can complete your look. Try out new hairstyles with the help of the gel and enjoy the added bonus of a fun new colour too!