Manic Panic Professional Mini Tint Brush (Black)

The Manic Panic Mini Tint Brush will help you achieve all the detail and definition from smaller dye jobs as well as streak dyeing.


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Expected delivery: 26 February 2020
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Create complex and vibrant colour combinations thanks to the precision of the Manic Panic Professional Mini Tinting Brush!

If you've been looking to create an outstanding amplified colour combination with precise detail, this mini tint brush is a must-have for your hair dye accessories kit. Simply make sure you have your Manic Panic tint brush and bowl at the ready and you'll be able to create the most exotic and colourful highlights with Manic Panic hair dyes. The professionally-designed mini angled brush makes this premium accessory suitable for smaller sections of coverage and even to be used as an eyebrow tint brush.

Range Professional Colour
Type Tint Brush

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Instructions For Use

Make sure to follow all instructions provided on the packaging and any accompanying material. If you’re applying hair dye, then we strongly recommend consulting our Manic Panic University guides.

REMEMBER: Read all instructions before applying hair dye. You should always patch test our products before use to ensure no allergic reaction.

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