Manic Panic Powder Dry Shampoo Hair Freshener (10g)

Maintain a strong colour and a fresh hair feeling Manic Panic Dry Shampoo. This powder shampoo is kinder to dyed hair and reduces the amount of colour fade. A perfect accessory for salon users and dye hards alike.
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Manic Panic Hair Freshener is sure to become your new secret colour-extending weapon! Using a shampoo with harsh chemicals on dyed hair can cause your new colour to run and fade quickly. However, in order to keep hair fresh and looking its best, you'll need to grab yourself a pot of Manic Panic Dry Shampoo.   

The powder shampoo works to keep coloured hair fit and ready to face the day! Acting as a volumizer for dyed hair, this products works to absorb naturally-occurring oils in your hair. Make sure to take care of your Manic Panic dyed hair, and make sure you preserve that gorgeous new shade for as long as possible with this lightweight Manic Panic Powder Shampoo.

Hair Dye Dry Shampoo Features

  • Works To Keep Hair Feeling & Smelling Fresh
  • Made from Completely Natural Ingredients
  • Pocket-Sized 10g Shaker Bottle For Easy Application
  • Provides Dyed Hair With UV Protection
  • Vegan-Friendly & Paraben Free Formula

Another tick in the box for this hair dye essential is that the bottle itself is made from recyclable materials.

How To Use

  • Application is simple; shake the powder onto dry hair between washes and massage it evenly into the roots.
  • To remove any unwanted powder shampoo residue, we recommend gently towelling the hair.
  • Perform regular to keep hair oil-free and looking its very best.
Colour White
Vegan Yes
Type Dry Shampoo

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions to see if your question has already been answered. If you're applying hair dye, then we strongly recommend consulting our Manic Panic University guides:

REMEMBER: Read all instructions before applying hair dye. You should always patch test our products before use to ensure no allergic reaction.

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