UV Reactive
Under a blacklight, this product will produce a striking UV glow effect.
Vegan Friendly

Tested on Celebrities Not Animals™! This product is 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free.

Conditioning Formula
Nourishing ingredients condition hair while colouring for a silky smooth finish.
Free From
Free from PPD, Parabens, Ammonia, Resorcinol, Phthalate & Gluten.
Longer Lasting Colour
A semi-permanent temporary colour which can last up to 4-6 weeks.
Resealable Container
Easily save some for later with a resealable Amplified Bottle or High Voltage tub.


Manic Panic Wildfire is a red semi-permanent hair dye with orange tones for a flame-inspired finish. This super vibrant hair dye will give the best results when applied to pre-lightened hair. The in-your-face red and orange tones make this semi-permanent High Voltage hair dye a popular choice with fans of punk, rock n roll, and alt styles.

Our classic range has been around ever since the beginning of the Manic Panic journey with Tish and Snooky in 1977 New York. The collection is made up of highly pigmented colours with added moisture to keep hair conditioned whilst appearing vibrant. The Manic Panic colours are still known to be a favourite within the creative hair industry. 

⚡ How many 118ml pots will I need to cover my hair? ⚡

✨ Short to bob length hair: 1- 2 pots depending on the thickness of hair.

✨ Shoulder to waist length hair: 2 - 3 pots depending on the thickness of hair. May require an extra pot to complete ends if the hair is thick.

✨ Waist and below length hair: 3 + pots depending on thickness.

For Best Results

Even those with a medium to light brown hair shade should consider pre-lightening their hair before dyeing. For this shade, we recommend lightening hair, with bleach, to a shade 10. A Manic Panic Flash Lightning Kit is sure to help lighten your hair and ready it for semi-permanent hair dye.

Please note: Finished visual results may vary dependent on hair type, porosity and the natural base colour.

If you're a rookie dye hard and are looking for hair dye advice, then make sure to check out our full guide on How To Prepare Your Hair for dyeing! 


Bleach Level Needed

Medium Blonde
We recommend choosing from our highly pigmented shades for this base colour. These rich in colour shades will produce deep hues of your chosen colour, however, our lighter more pale shades will not become as noticeable.
Bleached Blonde (Current Product)
You should find that hair at this level allows for more vibrant results. However, we still recommend choosing more pigmented shades for visible results.
Light Blonde
At this level, you will find nearly every colour is successful when it comes to achieving a vibrant result. If you are looking to use a pastel or toning shade, you may still need to achieve a level 10.
White Blonde
A level 10 base colour will allow you to use all of the Manic Panic colours on your hair. Remember results will vary depending on the condition and tone of your base.

Colour Longevity

Faster Fade Rate
Our more pastelized and lighter-toned shades you will find will fade much faster than the other more bold colours within the Manic Panic ranges. This is due to less pigmentation within the colour which then creates a beautiful light and subtle shade. These colours are great for anyone that enjoys switching their colours up on a regular basis.
Regular Fade Rate (Current Product)
You will find that these colours tend to have a standard fade rate for semi-permanent dyes that last between 4-6 weeks. These colours contain a higher amount of pigmentation than our more pastelized shades and the 100% vegan ingredients included will keep your hair nourished and healthy.
Bolder For Longer
These colours are sure to be sticking around for a while. Packed full of colour pigmentation you will find these colours can last you up to 8 weeks with the correct care. Even better, with the super practical resealable pots, you can use any leftovers of your colour for touchups and reapplications to keep it looking bold and bright!

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SKU 8001
Brand Classic Colour (High Voltage)
Colour Red
UV Yes
Vegan Yes
Duration 4-6 weeks
Range High Voltage Classic Hair Colour
Type Semi Permanent Hair Dye

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