Manic Panic Glow Glitter™ (Fuschia Shock®)

Give your look a glistening finish with some exciting Manic Panic Glow Glitter. It can be used on face, body and even in hair!


£4.99 tax incl.
Expected delivery: 26 February 2020
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Manic Panic Glow Glitter is a UV reactive product that will glow under UV blacklight. This stunning glow in the dark effect is sure to make this a great addition to your party or festival look. For long-lasting glitter, make sure to apply cosmetic glue first if you are using the Glow Glitter on skin.

Like most Manic Panic cosmetics, this glitter is vegan-friendly. And as the Manic Panic motto says, ‘Tested On Celebrities, NOT animals.’ This product is suitable for use on your face, eyes, and hair. Apply on top of eyeshadow for an extra pigmented style.

Colour Pink
UV Yes
Vegan Yes
Range Glow Glitter
Type Glitter Dust

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Instructions For Use

Make sure to follow all instructions provided on the packaging and any accompanying material. If you’re applying hair dye, then we strongly recommend consulting our Manic Panic University guides.

REMEMBER: Read all instructions before applying hair dye. You should always patch test our products before use to ensure no allergic reaction.

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