Are you new to the world of creative hair colour? Or maybe you’re just looking to try something different and would like some top tips; we’ve got you covered with our How To Dye Your Hair guide for beginners!

Before you do ahead with applying your chosen Manic Panic shades or custom colour on your hair, it is important that you have prepped your hair correctly to ensure you achieve your desired result. It’s also essential you have performed both a patch and strand test to avoid any reaction to the dyes and test the outcome of your hair. Check out our Beginner’s Guide To Dyeing Your Hair: Before You Dye Your Hair for all our recommendations before you start.

You can also check out this comprehensive video tutorial from Tish and Snooky themselves on how to use Manic Panic to dye your hair.

Dyeing your hair at home, especially for the first time may sound scary but if you follow these simple steps we’re sure that you’ll love every minute of your new vibrant hair in no time. If you feel you’re ready to get started, let’s go!

To dye your hair, you’ll need a small list of tools to help you along the way. These consist of:

Your chosen Manic Panic colour/colours

A tint brush

A hair dye mixing bowl

Vinyl gloves

Old clothes and towels

Manic Panic Dye Away Wipes

Vaseline to put on your skin around the hairline

Prep yourself carefully before applying the dye; as much as you may think it’ll be tidy, dyeing your own hair can get quite messy! We recommend setting some old towels or sheets on the floor and any nearby furniture to avoid the dye splashing. Applying Vaseline to your skin is also a great idea as it stops any dye that may come into contact with that area from staining your skin.


Ensure you apply your dye to dry hair.

Deposit the correct amount of the Manic Panic hair colour into the mixing bowl.

It’s much easier to ensure you cover all of your hair thoroughly with the dye by sectioning your hair and working in even smaller sections within these.

Using your tint brush, apply your colour to the section of your hair you wish to dye making sure to fully saturate and cover each strand intended.

Once you are happy that you have fully saturated each section you wish to colour, comb the colour through until frothy. The frothiness indicates that the dye has been thoroughly absorbed. Lighter shades of Manic Panic colour may need extra combing to achieve maximum penetration and longer-lasting colour.

You could go ahead and put a plastic cap on your head; however, this is not necessary but can be helpful if you intend to clean up whilst the colour processes as it will keep your hair from getting in the way and/or touching anything.


As our colours are semi-permanent we do recommend that your dye is left to process for 30 minutes minimum but you could leave it on for a couple of hours if you wish. Applying heat to hair dye that is processing can help to open the cuticle of your hair and allow it to absorb the colour a lot more easily. Use your hairdryer to apply heat and this will help to penetrate the cuticle.

Once you’re happy with the amount of time you’ve had your colour in, get ready to wash it out. The most important part of rinsing the colour from your hair is to use cold water. Using cold water to wash your hair will help to close the cuticle which then locks the colour in; closing the cuticle will help to prevent the colour from bleeding and fading too quickly.

After dyeing your hair, there are no after treatments required as the dye itself is fortified using 98% conditioner so it should feel nourished and soft once the colour is rinsed.

Uh oh! Have you experienced some hair dye spillage, staining or colour mishaps? Try our Manic Panic Dye Away Wipes, designed to remove and assist the fade of hair dye directly on the skin.

If you want to make the most of your new vibrant hair colour, maintaining it with the best products and a great routine is essential. Check out our Beginner’s Guide To Dyeing Hair: Maintaining Your Colour to read all about the Manic Panic secrets and top tips to having a long-lasting colour that looks and feels incredible!