Achieving your dream hair colour isn’t as simple as slapping some dye onto your hair to then wash it out and have perfectly executed vibrant results.  We’re sure that you now know after reaching your ideal result that this process requires patience and technique; so maintaining your colour should be just as important.

Semi-permanent hair colour isn’t designed to make a permanent change to your hair colour, and how long your new creative shade lasts in your hair can depend on a few fundamental reasons.

Applying the Manic Panic colours to a healthy base will help to provide longer-lasting results. The base colour to which you apply the Manic Panic colour to is a large factor in the longevity of your colour. Semi-permanent hair dye formulas require a light base; depending on your chosen creative shade this can range between levels 7–10. Check our hair levels chart below to find out what your hair level is.

If you find that you are a natural blonde between these levels, you may find that your hair still won’t hold the colour as well. A pre-lightened or bleached base tends to hold colour a lot more easily than a natural base, even a natural blonde. When the hair is bleached the process targets the hair strands directly and makes the hair a lot more porous, allowing the absorption of the colour pigment to act a lot more easily and resulting in long-lasting hair colour.

As well as the hair making a difference when it comes to colour longevity, our hair dyes all have differing durations for lasting pigmentation. Lighter-toned shades such as pastels have a duration time of around 2-4 weeks whereas our Amplified range can last for 8+ weeks depending on how the hair and colour are maintained.

There are several reasons that your colour might be fading quicker and it can be hard to put your finger on the exact problem especially as there could be a variety. Check out our top tips and advice on making your colour last longer.


Washing Hair in Hot Water:  Washing your hair in water that is hot or even warm will open the cuticle of the hair which then allows the colour to bleed and the pigment to be washed away. It is best to use water that is as cold as you can bear to wash your hair with; cold water will actually help to close the cuticle which locks the colour in for longer; sulphate and paraben-free shampoo and conditioner are highly recommended.

Hot Oil Treatments: This is a common treatment for those combating dry, damaged and brittle hair. However, with dyed hair, the heat opens up the hair cuticle, allowing the colour to seep out.

Alcohol-Based Hair Products: This includes hairspray, gel or mousse: Gentler hair products are best for preserving hair colour. Some of these products have alcohol-free alternatives or you could simply style your hair while it dries using other tools.

Washing Hair with Strong Shampoo and Conditioner: Many drugstore shampoos and conditioners contain high pH levels and are not fortified using ingredients that are beneficial for coloured hair. Invest in specially designed products for your coloured hair that works to preserve your pigment and keep it vibrant for longer.

Prolonged Exposure to Harsh Sunlight: Make sure to wear a hat if you are going to be taking your new colourful locks out for a day in the sun. You might consider using SPF hair products to help protect it from sunlight.

Prolonged Exposure to Water: When in any sort of water whether that is the bath, pool or hot tub, avoid dunking your hair in the water. Whenever your hair gets wet, this can offer the opportunity for your colour to run or fade. Remember to check the weather forecast so you don’t get caught in an unexpected downpour.

Swimming Pool Chemicals: Strong chlorine chemicals are great for keeping swimming pools clean, but aren’t so friendly for dyed hair. Use a swimming hat when you’re doing your pool lengths to ensure maximum protection.

Heated Hair Tools:  Curling or straightening your hair using a heated hair tool is not so good for dyed hair. As an alternative, why not try an alternative curling method such as rollers? It is also best to avoid drying your hair with a hot hairdryer. You could also air dry or change to a cooler setting. If styling without heat is a difficult option, always remember to apply a heat protector.


Try the vinegar rinse

Shortly after dyeing your hair, try rinsing it with white vinegar. This trick actually raises the pH level within your hair dye and encourages your colour to provide a better performance. Here’s how:

Rinse out Manic Panic Hair Colour until the water runs clear.

Mix half a cup of white vinegar and half a cup of water together in a bowl.

Pour the mixture over your hair until saturated.

Comb the vinegar and water mix through your hair, from root to tip.

Rinse out with cold water.

Coloured Conditioner

Why not add a touch of your coloured dye to your conditioner? Conditioner is actually great for coloured hair; especially deep conditioners as they work to promote nourished and healthy hair whilst also locking the colour in by keeping the cuticle closed. You could try adding some of your chosen Manic Panic shade to your everyday conditioner, this way you can enjoy a top-up of your favourite shade each time you wash your hair and any fading will be quickly covered!

Dyeing your hair is a fun process and gives you the opportunity to experiment with who you are! We hope that we have been able to give you a good understanding of what it takes to keep your colour at its most vibrant for longer. We love seeing what you all create using your Manic Panic colours so make sure you tag us in any posts you make with your new vibrant look at @manicpanic_uk on Instagram.