For over 40 years, Manic Panic has been the world’s leading brand within the creative colour industry having started the vivid hair colour revolution in New York back in 1977. Since day one we have not compromised with our products, we only produce and provide high-quality vegan and cruelty-free colours that consist of wild yet mild formulas.

As a brand, we celebrate individuality and expression through colour. We provide the opportunity for all colour enthusiasts to experiment and become the truest version of themselves without having to settle for the next best.  Our colours are vibrant, highly pigmented and promise a healthy nourished result.

We have stuck to our punk and rock ‘n’ roll roots that have carried us all these years whilst also developing within the pop culture era we live in today. Manic Panic is a brand that stands for beauty in all shades and colours and we encourage all of our OG and future dye hards to unleash their inner rainbow!

Live Fast and Dye Your Hair!