How do I become a Manic Panic UK Brand Ambassador/Affiliate?

When looking for the perfect ambassadors and affiliates for the Manic Panic UK brand, we love those that are passionate and enjoy getting creative with their favourite creative coloured hair dyes, whether it’s their own hair or someone else’s. We enjoy working with people that are keen to be a part of the projects we put together throughout the year and can create fun and exciting content promoting both their talents and the Manic Panic products.

If you think you’d make a great Manic Panic UK ambassador or affiliate, email us at 

Do you take a Student or Blue Light discount?

At the moment we don’t have Student or Blue Light Discount available, but keep an eye on our social media pages, subscription email and the homepage of our website for offer announcements. 

How do I find out what hair shows you’re going to throughout the year?

All announcements including shows we will be attending throughout the year will be on our social media pages and via subscription email. Follow Manic Panic UK @manicpanic_uk and subscribe to our mailing list via our website.

Are the Manic Panic dyes safe to be applied to animal fur?

The Manic Panic UK hair dyes are vegan, cruelty-free and have had all nasty chemicals removed from their formulas, however, it is still essential that you perform a patch test as reactions and allergies are still possible.
We do not recommend using our dyes on animals as it is much more difficult to determine whether or not they will react to the dye compared to a human being. 

How do I determine whether my product is the UK version or not? 

Due to UK restrictions and guidelines, by law, we have had to change the formulas of some of the Manic Panic dyes. There are some differences on the pots of the UK and US pots which can help you to determine whether or not your Manic Panic dye is in fact a UK formula:

  • The address on the UK pots will be a Dublin, Ireland address, whereas, the US pots show a New York address.
  • The ingredients for the UK and US formulas are different due to the change in regulations. Ensure you study these well and compare the ingredients well.