Manic Panic UK invites you and all other Dye Hards to create an even easier way to shop your favourite semi-permanent creative colours. 

The Manic Panic UK subscription service is a tool created to allow our customers to always be prepared for their next hair day. By creating your own subscription, you are in charge of what you receive and when; no more stress shopping and next-day delivery orders because we’ve got your back at Manic Panic UK!


At Manic Panic UK we have many customers that always have and always will swear by certain colours within our ranges; with the subscription service, you can place your order in advance so you never have to worry about forgetting to purchase your next dye in time for your next hair day.

The subscription feature allows you to customise your own plan by choosing how often you wish to receive your subscribed products and how long your subscription will then go on. 

The Manic Panic UK subscription service is also a great way to save on each purchase you make. With the subscription, you’ll receive 5% off each order when you place 2 or more as well as making savings on any other existing promotions that are currently running on the Manic Panic UK website.


Creating your subscription

To set up a Manic Panic UK subscription you must create your desired basket. Shop the website to add the subscription hair dyes and other items that you wish to purchase; once your basket is complete continue to the checkout and select ‘Create Subscription’. 

Here you can select the duration of your subscription as well as how often you wish to receive your deliveries. Once you have saved your preferences, your Subscription Overview will appear on the screen; this shows the total amount of deliveries you will receive as well as the overall cost of the subscription itself. 

Once your subscription is complete, click back to checkout and pay for your first order.

Now that your subscription is complete, you no longer need to worry about creating a new one until your current one comes to an end. Each of your deliveries will be sent via a subscription token on the Manic Panic UK system to come when you requested and you will be notified for each parcel of yours that is dispatched from our warehouse.

Visit the Subscribe & Save Terms and Conditions for more information about the subscription feature available at Manic Panic UK.