Manic Panic Red Hair

Mahogany, burgundy, crimson…the list of shades to choose from within the realm of red is endless and can sometimes appear quite overwhelming.

At Manic Panic UK we can relate when it comes to the decision-making part for your future hair colour, so we have created our awesome gallery space which is made and proved to inspire with colour, placement and style in mind. We’ve got an awesome range of red hues for you to pick from; now is the time to take the next step towards your new fiery tone!

Our ambassadors and affiliates are always busy creating awesome looks using Manic Panic UK dye. Here you can find all of the red looks they have produced, ready to inspire!

Manic Panic Red Hair Gallery

Manic Panic Red Hair

Do you know what’s hot right now? Manic Panic red hair. If you like constantly being on-trend and allowing your hair to add fire to your look each day, then we definitely recommend trying out our Manic Panic red shades.

You will find a multitude of ideas within our red hair Gallery space from our Manic Panic ambassadors and affiliates, designed to inspire you on your coloured red hair journey.

Naturally, when we think of vibrant red hair colour we imagine fiery bright shades, however, you’ll notice from our gallery images that these beautifully pigmented shades can produce alluring deep hues on unbleached, brown hair too.

Red Hair

As mentioned above, to have red hair doesn’t mean committing to a bright new statement hair colour, you can also use it to create subtle soft tones throughout your hair or it is even great when mixed to create custom shades. The Manic Panic red shades come with a whole variety of possibilities when colouring your hair.

It’s important to remember that Red is a high impact colour, and can really transform a look with just one application. Being such a deep colour, our red colour range is packed full of pigmentation and tend to be some of our longer-lasting shades within the Manic Panic collection.

How To Wear Your Red Hair

Red is such a transformable colour no matter how you decide to wear it. Ombré has been extremely popular throughout the years; we’ve seen it develop on the runways, in street style and in the media. Now we’re looking at how we can use this effect with our creative colours. Dark red Ombré hair is commonly used within the creative colour industry to create dimension and depth in a darker colour, but it doesn’t stop there. Bright red Ombré hair is also a fun and creative way of adding that pop of colour to your hair that you may have been looking for.

If you think the brighter the better, we are definitely not going to argue with you. Vibrancy is a big yes from us, and a full head of bold red hair can do no wrong in our eyes, this may require a pre-lightening session before you colour your hair but once you have reached that perfect base colour, you’re good to go!

Another great pairing when using shades of red hair dye for someone looking to create something bold, especially if you are naturally dark is red hair and dark roots. Using a deep shade of red can really compliment dark roots. Try matching the red to the undertone of your natural colour, and even better your hair will colour will last even longer as the colour starts to grow you will begin to take on a natural Ombré effect.

If you’ve been dreaming about changing your hair look for something with a little more fire, don’t hesitate to check out our gallery dedicated to all the red hair inspiration you could need!

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