Events and Shows

Are you a regular attendee of the UK’s biggest hair stylist shows? Well, then you definitely must have come across the wild and colourful Manic Panic UK stand! Every year, Manic Panic UK attend some of the most exciting UK hair shows to showcase our latest product ranges, ambassador tutorials and most importantly to meet and speak with our extended family - the Manic Panic customers. 

Check out the awesome UK shows and events that we have attended over the years, from Salon International to the Dragworld shows.

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So, what do you expect from a Manic Panic UK show appearance? If vibrancy, warmth and talent were on your list then you’d be spot on. The Manic Panic stand is made to be a warm and inviting environment for all of those that may or may not have their own Manic Panic stories to share. Laced in vibrantly dyed hair swatches, well-stocked shelves with our iconic products and a team that lives and breathes the Manic Panic brand; obsessed with feeling unique and breaking the boundaries, we are always so excited and happy to meet our fellow Manic Panic trendsetters. We are always joined by the Manic Panic UK ambassadors for our shows, and with their special show appearances, we have to make the most of their extraordinary talents with regular hair colour demonstrations using the Manic Panic UK hair dye from every range. 

For future appearances and information on what shows we will be attending, make sure to follow us on social media @manicpanic_uk.