Why Your Haircare Is So Important

Why Your Haircare Is So Important

In between dyeing your own hair or visiting the salon, it is important to keep up with a good hair routine that will keep your colour alive. 

One of the best ways of maintaining your colours' vibrancy is by using the correct tools to do so; this includes the correct shampoo and conditioner. We highly recommend taking a keen interest in the ingredients included in the products you are using within your haircare routine, avoiding certain chemicals such as sulfates and parabens

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Vegan Friendly Paraben Free SLS & SLES Free pH Balanced
'Not Fade Away' Colour Protect Shampoo
'Not Fade Away' Colour Protect Shampoo
Vegan Friendly SLS & SLES Free pH Balanced
'Keep Color Alive' Colour Protect Conditioner
'Keep Color Alive' Colour Protect Conditioner
Vegan Friendly Paraben Free SLS & SLES Free
'Prepare To Dye' Clarifying Shampoo
'Prepare To Dye' Clarifying Shampoo

The truth about Sulfates and Parabens

It is so easy nowadays to find ourselves picking up the shampoo and conditioners that we all ‘know’ so well, but how many of us really know and understand just what the ingredients in these products do to our hair? Shampoo and conditioner are obviously essential in the more mundane parts of our lives, but since it is so important, we should really know just what these products are made up of. If you were to take the time when purchasing your shampoo and conditioners, you will find that many of them contain sulfates and parabens. Sulfates and parabens are chemicals added to products for reasons that may seem completely harmless but do have their negatives. 

As humans, we understand that certain reactions and effects from products we use are the norms, such as that lathering effect we get when applying shampoo to wet hair. Before, I was sure that if my shampoo wasn’t lathering I hadn’t applied enough shampoo so I would just keep applying it until I was happy with the number of bubbles on my head. It wasn’t until I actually wanted to take an interest in what I was applying to my hair, my body etc. that I truly understood this lathering effect was not essential. 

This lather we all know so well is caused by sulfates. Due to the extremely efficient cleaning properties that come with sulfates, they can result in being slightly too good. Sulfates are used within other products such as floor cleaners and detergents - now that doesn’t sound like something I'd consider putting in my hair, would you? They are great for cleaning dirt and oils from the hair, so good in fact that this chemical can leave your hair extremely dry, not to mention the super frizz that you may experience on a daily basis. This is due to the sulfates cleaning methods; they are not only cleaning out any unwanted oils but also our hair's own natural oils that keep it from becoming so dry. It has also been found that sulfates can be extremely aggravating towards skin conditions such as eczema.

Also found within some of these regular shampoos and conditioners is another chemical called paraben. An ingredient is used to deter the rate at which mold grows, increasing the shelf life for any product that includes parabens within their formulas

Unfortunately, a long-lasting product also comes with some serious consequences. Research has proven that parabens are easily absorbed by the skin and act as an estrogen hormone and cause extreme problems when it comes to pregnancy and menstruation. Within further research of certain cancers, parabens have been found to have contributed to the development of these cancer cells found in cases such as breast cancer. 

What products should I use to keep my colour vibrant, safely?

Here at Manic Panic, we have produced a haircare range completely free of all sulfates and parabens, perfect for any dye hard to swear by when rocking some amazingly bright and kickass hair looks.

The Manic Panic ‘Not Fade Away’ shampoo works to do exactly what it says on the bottle without compromising the health of your hair. This formula is made up of 100% vegan ingredients which have been specially picked out due to their fantastic maintenance properties. When using the ‘Not Fade Away’ shampoo, the product will not foam up too much due to the sulfate-free formula. Applying a shampoo that lathers and bubbles up a lot will also lead to the stripping of your colour, meaning that the vibrancy of your hair will not last as long as if you were to use a sulfate-free shampoo.

The next step in keeping your colour popping and your hair shining is your conditioner. The Manic Panic ‘Keep Colour Alive’ conditioner is a 100% vegan product with all sulfates and parabens avoided for a healthier and safer experience. Just like the ‘Not Fade Away’ shampoo, this conditioner is constructed as a colour safe product meaning that it will not contribute to the fading of your colour and will not result in any bleeding of the colour. 

A top tip to use whilst you have coloured hair; add some of your Manic Panic semi-permanent shade into your conditioner and this will allow you to keep on top of your colour in between dyeing sessions.

I want to change my hair colour. How can I remove the current colour in my hair safely, ready for my new one?

Manic Panic loves creativity and with that comes lots of new hair colours and styles. The great thing about the Manic Panic semi-permanent dyes is that they are all completely safe and will not cause damage to your hair. 

If you’re looking to change your hair colour soon, try the Manic Panic ‘Prepare To Dye’ clarifying shampoo. Carrying on our promise of 100% vegan, this shampoo is the perfect product for anyone looking to give their hair a proper deep-cleanse and gradually strip any colour from their hair in preparation for the new. The ingredients within this product will help to keep both your hair and scalp feeling healthy and rejuvenated ready for a new application of colour.


Check out the following video to watch Mykey, a Manic Panic ambassador explain exactly how and why he uses the Manic Panic haircare products:

Our colour-safe shampoos and conditioner are specially designed for creative hair colour. We don't compromise on ingredients so that you don't have to compromise your hair colour. Try the amazing Manic Panic haircare range now by shopping online.

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