The Spring Hair Trends Are In

The Spring Hair Trends Are In

Spring might not feel like it is currently ‘spring-ing’ but our attitude is still towards the hair colour change a new season will bring. Whether you class yourself as a bit of a chameleon when it comes to your hair colour or you've just been itching to explore the world of creative colour, the earth keeps turning and with it an array of exciting hair colour trends 2024 that are catching our eye. 

It’s safe to say that some of the current 2024 spring hair trends are still standing their ground from last year and even the year before, but we are also pleased to explore some new and exciting placements and even the evolution of some of these more well-known trends. We’ve done a deep dive into the hair world to bring you this year’s number-one spring hair colour choices; with options suited to the lightest of blondes to shades that create beautiful results on dark brunettes. We’ve picked out our favourite upcoming spring trends and paired these with their perfect Manic Panic companion, so all you need to do is pick your favourite!

Cherry Cola

The deep tones of the Cherry Cola hair trend have taken the hair industry by storm for several months; we saw this hair colour rise in 2023 and become a highly requested shade in the salons. Fast forward to 2024 and Cherry Cola continues to be a favoured tone for many including A-list pop star Dua Lipa. The star entered her new era back in late 2023 with brand-new music and a brand-new fiery red hair colour by hair stylist and colourist, Ben Gregory. Since then, we have seen Dua Lipa continue to wear her bold vampire-like shade into 2024 as seen on stage at the Brit Awards and in her new music video ‘Training Season’.

The aim of achieving this bold blood-red statement is to accentuate the rich red hue as opposed to something much more vibrant and bright. Applying your chosen Cherry Cola red to a darker base colour (levels 4 - 7) will allow the colour to embrace the darker tones of the natural hair and create a much more subtle hue.

If you want to achieve the perfect Cherry Cola, we love Vampire Red and Vampire’s Kiss from the Manic Panic UK catalogue. Both of these shades are highly pigmented and bold in colour; applying these to a darker base will create a beautiful deep red hue that mimics the Dua Lipa Cherry Cola look perfectly. 

Fiery Red Head

Whilst the Cherry Cola trend seems to be the all-mighty red hue for spring 2024, we’re still seeing a variety of vibrant red hair tones that are also grabbing the attention of many. There are several ways to explore the world of red hair and those who like things a little more bright might be leaning towards these bold and bright hues instead! 

We’re obsessed with the red hair Dye Hards that we come across on social media, whether it is the hair that evokes the passion and determination that oozes from each of these users but we are living for the confidence! These bright shades are embraced by celebrities and trendsetters, sparking creativity in hairstyling, inspiring daring cuts and vibrant dye jobs. This trend ignites a fiery spirit, empowering wearers to stand out and shine.


Fancy trying your hand at something a little more wild? Rock ‘N’ Roll Red is one of our brightest red tones within the Manic Panic UK collection and possibly the best red hair dye for the job. This shade requires a level 8 to produce its vibrant hue and will also last in the hair for much longer.

Apricot Copper

Copper has been on the rise for the past two years and we can’t see that colour dying out any time soon; however, we have seen this shade begin to evolve and the results have been breathtaking. Apricot Copper hair, also known as “kettle copper” is one of our favourite deconstructions from the copper red hairstyles that have been shared amongst the industry; its warm tone encaptures the body of the original copper tone, however, this new shade embodies a lightness and dimension throughout. 

At Manic Panic UK Sponsored Salon, Harness & Mane the Creative Director and co-owner of the salon Gunel Kelly created a warm copper masterpiece that left us speechless. To create this result, Gunel used Electric Tiger Lily from the Manic Panic UK High Voltage Classic Colour collection. This shade has a beautiful orange tone that is both bright and neutral; it holds a depth to the hue that makes it a perfect go-to when creating copper tones. 


Statement Streaks and Chunky Highlights

For any millennials who are prepared for a moment of nostalgia, then you might just love this trend because it is screaming 2000’s! This year, colour enthusiasts are bringing back chunky highlights like we did 20 years ago. We’re picturing Lindsey Lohan from Freaky Friday or Kelly Clarkson deep in her Breakaway era; contrasting streaks are back in a rainbow of colours and hues. 

Gone are the days of subtle and well-blended highlights; we continue to see a rise in this trend within the creative colour community, from vibrant red tones to epic UV-reactive green streaks - the possibilities are endless! How you choose to wear your dramatic highlights is completely up to you, some have opted for a bold all-over placement, whereas we have also seen this style applied in a peekaboo and layering effect. 

Manic Panic UK affiliate and absolute hair magician, Georgia Travers created her own take on the chunky highlights trend and we are all for the Monster High vibe that this look is giving! Georgia used Raven and Hot Hot Pink from the Manic Panic UK High Voltage Classic Colour collection to create this trending style on her client; choosing the darkest shade within the range to sit beside one of our brightest hues was always going to be a match made in heaven. The contrast between the two colours creates and ‘backs up’ the statement energy that embodies this trend!

Structural Pastels

Since we’re on a spring theme, it would be unusual if we didn’t mention pastels. This spring, we’re still very much all about the soft hues that pastels provide, however, this year we’re seeing them with a fresh twist! Unlike previous pastel hair creations, which often consist of a solid colour application, structural pastels play with unique placements to create a unique result. 

Pastel hair has been dubbed a celebrity favourite over the past couple of months with the likes of Megan Fox and even Kylie Jenner revisiting her baby-pink hue; whilst we believe the solid approach to pastel hair will still be a spring-time favourite, we can't wait to see what other exciting applications we’ll see with these neutralised hues.

The idea of structural pastels is that the colours are applied strategically to the hair to create a number of individual looks. With the help of the Manic Panic UK Pastel-izer, it is quite simple to mix and create your own custom pastel hair dye from any of the vibrant shades within our collection. If you’re thinking about taking the plunge into the world of pastels, you will need to consider pre-lightening your hair first. As these shades are very subtle and lightly pigmented, they will require a level 10+ blonde to ensure the soft colours are visible.


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Have you decided on your fresh spring hair for this year? Or maybe you are well-prepared and have already created and finished your look in time for spring, either way, we would love to see what you created using the Manic Panic UK semi-permanent hair dyes. Tag us in your Manic Panic spring looks for 2024 on Instagram @manicpanic_uk for your chance to be reposted on our feed! 

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