If you had asked me 10 years ago, “would you choose to rock a buzz cut?” I can tell you now my answer would have been a fairly certain “no, it’s not for me”. However, ask me today in mid-2022 and I’d be happy to discuss my future buzz cut art dreams with you.

The history of the buzz cut has rung high for hundreds of years and as humans, we have discovered the benefits that come with this particularly low-maintenance haircut as well as how to make it a true fashion statement. Throughout the 1950s -1970s this particular look was required for any that chose to or were selected to fight within their governmental military forces, including women. By doing so, the soldiers minimised their chance of catching head lice or passing them on. During this same era, subcultures were at their prime and were mostly all easily defined by their physical appearance. The buzz cut was imitated and repurposed within the skinhead subculture in which the males would shave their heads using a grade 2 clipper heads.

When I was growing up, I remember the buzz cut to be a fairly significant haircut but not one that I’d have leant towards over a fringe. Nowadays, to shave your head is an extremely gender-neutral decision and the infamous look has evolved greatly over the past years with a variety of buzz cut styles growing in popularity right across the globe.

The options are endless when it comes to buzz cuts, whether you would rather stick to a simple slick shave or create something a little more interesting with some hair dye and a pair of clippers. Let’s take a look at some of our favourite shaved head art trends.

Animal Print

Whether it’s your clothing, your interior décor or your hair, animal print has continued trending in many aspects of our lives when it comes to visuals. If you’re looking to get a new animal-themed look for your buzz cut, the options are endless; cow, leopard, zebra or whatever you can think up are totally applicable when creating your perfect animal-inspired design. Leopard print on hair, especially a buzz has become a global movement within hair design and we are seeing it evolve more and more every day from natural coloured spots to the psychedelic leopard. In 2019, the Versace Fall 2019 Menswear collection in Milan really stole the show when it came to model João Knorr’s animal print-inspired fit which included a wonderful head of leopard print spots that was never going to be missed!



Whether you have chosen to apply a colour or not, try this technique to add a little more texture and definition to your look. It’s amazing what you can achieve with a pair of clippers and this approach of using them to carve or sculpt your chosen buzz cut design into your hair is definitely going to give you a really cool and effective result. You could opt for this option on a buzz haircut that still has a little length; this will give a deeper tracking effect. However, you can still use this technique even if you have chosen to go for a number 1 buzz cut to create your own design known as tramlines.



When you are working with a buzz cut, hair art can be a much easier thing to execute than if you were applying it to longer hair. This is due to the way in which longer hair moves, often causing the design to look obscure. Buzz cuts can come in all different colours whether you prefer to wear a natural tone or something more vibrant like a blue or pink buzzcut; you could even try drawing some of your favourite graphics.

This technique is extremely popular in the world of hair styling nowadays. We’ve seen designs from love hearts to checkerboards to the emoji smile and the list just keeps on getting longer. Check out some of our favourite designs using Manic Panic colours below!


Dior in Colour

If you’re an avid high fashion follower, you may have seen the latest release from Dior’s Resort 2023 capsule collection. Complete with the South California, Venice Beach aesthetic that is the skateboarding culture, the collection consisted of a loose fitting and cool wardrobe. Even a select few within the show wore individually designed vibrantly dyed buzz cuts by Jaqueline Bieber. Created using the Manic Panic colours, each hair design consisted of a luxurious and unique appeal integrated with the Venice Beach skateboarding energy.



It’s true; committing to a full head shave may not be the easiest thing to do especially if you’re not too keen on the wait you’ll have to endure to get your hair back to its regular length. Many in this same position have opted for an undercut buzz cut which provides a similar feel to the full buzz but still keeps the majority of your length on top. Choosing an undercut still allows you to design your buzzed area however you like whether that is with a shaved in pattern, colour or both. Check out this awesome Sunshine Yellow look from @itscurlupanddye in which she has incorporated an interesting hidden undercut design beneath her client’s hair.


Solid Shades

Hair painting patterns and shapes can be a great way of bringing some life to a shaved head, but that isn’t to say that a single solid colour application isn’t effective. Model, Slick Woods is well-known for the various colours she has tried out on her buzz cut and, of course, every single one has impressed, however, we’ve got to say this is one of our favourites. Even though it is a single shade, the fiery orange is a beautiful tone and really brings enough life and vibrancy to the look. Even better, we love how Slick has incorporated the colour into her eyebrows; the final touches are definitely worth it!


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