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Manic Panic Red Hair Dye

The Manic Panic Red Hair Dye collection features some of the most iconic shades of Manic Panic hair dye since Tish and Snooky began helping you dye your hair! From Vampire Red to Wildfire, there are plenty of shades to choose from depending on the look you are going for.

The undertones used to create red hair dye shades tend to be purple or orange. This will determine how your hair colour fades and whether you have a light or dark shade of red. Manic Panic red shades are varied so that you can easily find your dream hair colour. If you want to get creative and customize your shade of Manic Panic red you can always add some Pastel-izer into the mix to create a toned-down version of your chosen shade.

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Here’s the lowdown on the most popular shades of Manic Panic red:

Manic Panic Vampire Red: A blood-red shade with burgundy undertones.


Pillarbox Red Manic Panic: A bright shade of red that gives vibrant results on pre-lightened hair but can also tint brown hair.


Manic Panic Infra Red: A mahogany-red shade for a darker colour of red hair.

Manic Panic Vampire Red hair dye is one of the most popular shades in the Manic Panic collection and we can see why. This classic red is perfect for all kinds of styles including alternative, rockabilly, and Gothic. 

How long do the Manic Panic red shades last?

The Manic Panic red hair dye range consists of 7 highly pigmented shades that provide both bright and deep results. The Manic Panic semi-permanent hair dyes will give the best results when you use hair care that is designed for dyed hair. This will help slow down fading and keep your hair in great condition ensuring that it does last for longer. 

Does Manic Panic red work on dark hair?

Manic Panic red hair dye on dark hair is likely to give a subtle tint depending on how dark the base colour is. Applying the deeper toned Manic Panic red shades to a level 4 base can produce an extremely deep red hue that is noticeable only in certain lights such as daylight. All of the Manic Panic shades will give the best results when applied to pre-lightened hair but if you want to try red on dark hair then shades such as Vampire’s Kiss Manic Panic or Infra Red are good choices when looking to achieve a red tone on your brown hair.
Always perform a strand test before you fully dye your hair to check the results on your hair colour. 

Manic Panic Red Hair Dye Picks

Whether you are looking for a Manic Panic dark red shade or something light and fun for summer, Manic Panic has got you covered with even more awesome colours of red hair dye:

Manic Panic Wildfire: This light shade of red hair dye is designed to glow under UV blacklight. Made with orange undertones.


Manic Panic Rock n Roll Red: Another of the lighter shades of Manic Panic red; this shade features subtle purple and pink undertones for a rockabilly look.


Manic Panic Vampire’s Kiss: This alternative shade of vampire red hair dye is slightly darker than the classic Vampire Red shade for an ultra Gothic look.


Manic Panic Red Velvet: Part of the professional range. Red Velvet is a cherry red shade that is designed to glow under UV blacklight.

Looking for alternative red Manic Panic hair dye shades? We know that red hair dye will always be a timeless classic so but if you are looking to switch up your usual alt red hair for something a little punkier, then why not opt for a purple or pink hair dye with red tones? Cleo Rose is a gorgeous pink, that has levelled up with its warm magenta and rosy hues throughout!

Are you ready to dye your hair? Now you’ve grabbed your red hair dye, you may want to consider getting the necessary accessories such as the Manic Panic Lightning Bleach Kit, toner, and hair care range. You may also be pleased to know that by shopping the Manic Panic products, you will be shopping vegan-friendly and cruelty-free formulas. These are designed to condition your hair as they contain no PPD, parabens, ammonia, resorcinol, phthalate, or gluten.

Looking for a temporary colour change that can be easily washed out? The Manic Panic Amplified Temporary Colour Hairspray in Wildfire can be sprayed onto hair to turn it into one of the best shades of red for you to enjoy whether you’re going out for the day or just having some fun with your colours. As if things weren’t already easy enough, all you need to do to get rid of your colour is to shampoo it out.

As you can see there are many types of Manic Panic hair dye even within one colour which means there are plenty of opportunities to create colourful unique hairstyles. If you want to start your hair dye journey with a shade of Manic Panic red then be sure to check out the full range to select your dream colour, here. You can even visit the Manic Panic red gallery page to get some fiery inspiration!

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