Even if you’ve only stepped outside in the past couple of weeks you will have noticed that the spring months have definitely come through with that colour we’ve all been craving so badly! Here at Manic Panic, we draw inspiration from everything that we possibly can and it’s no lie that this time of year continues to be heavily influenced by those perfect pastel shades that surround us in our day-to-day lives. As the summer quickly approaches, now’s the time to nail your ideal pastel colour hair!

Whether you choose to go candyfloss pink, baby blue or luscious lavender, you can always rely on Manic Panic to provide you with those essentials that will get you to your dream pastel colour. Pastel colours are extremely flexible and allow users to have fun when experimenting with shades and vibrancy. At Manic Panic, you can shop our gorgeous Creamtones range which consists of a small but mighty collection of perfect pastels for your summer look:

Velvet Violet

This orchid toned pastel purple, adds a hint of a fun flair to its delicate appeal. This beautiful shade is flattering with so many different skin tones, but for those with a deeper complexion – Manic Panic Velvet Violet is your girl! To have purple pastel hair is an absolute dream and it looks great on a variety of hair lengths and styles. Whether you’re rocking hair to the hips or you’ve bitten the bullet and decided on a buzz cut for this summer, we just know that you’re going to find a sense of enjoyment out in your brand new pastel purple aesthetic.


In-between a tasty orange shade and a sweet pink, Dreamsicle makes the perfect option when opting for a shade within the peachy champagne colour palette for your next eye-catching hair look! This particularly creamy dye provides warming undertones for any user and being that it is such a soft colour, you’ll find that it is a wonderful choice for virtually any skin tone. When deciding how to wear your new pink peach hair, we‘re big fans of using this shade within a dual-tone look pairing it with either a similarly toned colour or you could opt for something completely opposite.


Blue Angel

A classic when choosing a creative hair colour, blue tends to be on the bucket list of many that enjoy adding a bit of vibrancy to their locks whether it is a bright royal blue or a more muted pastel blue colour. Blue Angel is an extremely soft powder blue shade that makes only the truest of pale blue dreams come true. This blue pastel hair dye is fitting for anyone that is looking to add to their own personal style whether you choose to mix this shade with other pastels or play with your placement creating subtle blue highlights or even a balayage.

Sea Nymph

Have you been searching through various pastel shades of green in the hopes that the perfect minty shade will pop out at you? Meet Sea Nymph from Manic Panic. This stunning pastel mint green hair dye is one worth searching for especially as it is flattering for many skin tones making it a favourite within its category.  Whether you choose to wear Sea Nymph in a rainbow of other shades or keep the main focus on this shade by using it as a solo, you’ll not be disappointed with your muted sea-green results.


Pastel tones are perfect for any sort of style. Romanticising your look with a dusky candyfloss or lavender shade or pastel colours even makes a great contender for any edgy look! Your pastel options are endless, especially with the Manic Panic Pastel-izer on the scene. Mix the Pastel-izer with any of your favourite Manic Panic shades to create a super cute toned down version of your favourite vibrant hue!

Wondering how to do pastel hair? Now, this may sound like you simply must bleach and colour your hair to get your desired result, however, it is important to note that achieving the perfect pastel requires patience and determination. Due to the extremely light pigmentation of pastel tones, you will need to have achieved an even level 10 base that has been bleached and toned in order to achieve successfully visible results.

Just like the rest of us have, we’re sure you’ll fall hard for any tone you try during your pastel hair faze but remember this kind of colour comes with its own level of maintenance. The current lightness of your hair means to keep it looking fresh you will be required to keep on top of your grown-out roots as well as the pastel colours themselves.

Being that pastel colour hair is the lightest; these tones won’t last as long as other vivids so you may find that you will need to book salon visits that are a little more regular than you are used to keeping your colours topped up!

So, how do you plan on wearing your pastels this summer?

Romantic pastels have been a trend within hair for some time now, especially those that consist of a soft candy pink hue. Pink pastel hair dye looks took the salons by storm a few years back when the demand increased rapidly after the pastel pink trend really took over social media and its influencers!

To achieve a soft pop of colour within your platinum strands, bubblegum pink hair is a beautiful way of creating a subtle hint of colour that still looks super sweet without going wild! The High Voltage Classic Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink has been a best seller for some time now and this creamy formula creates a beautiful soft pink result.

Are peek-a-boo pastels your kind of thing? Take your pastel journey and flip it upside down into something that might surprise people. We love this take on creating an all over colour with and extra twist. Next time, why don’t you try out pastel rainbow hair underneath your top layer?

Rainbow pastel hair is a great pick for anyone that enjoys experimenting and having fun with their hair. Rainbow hair can come in an abundance of styles, but we love the use of pastel highlights to create an extremely distinctive rainbow on a blonde base. This style is a fan favourite for many natural hair looks; from coiled curls to sleek straight lengths.

Creating a shadow root when building pastel hair colours can really help to add depth and draw attention to the overall colours themselves. A shadow root can also be quite beneficial in acting like a canvas for your design which helps with placement.

Well hopefully we’ve been able to give you some ideas when it comes to picking out the perfect pastel look for you for this summer. Don’t forget to check out the whole Manic Panic Creamtones range here, and when you choose to commit to the pastels remember to snap the moment and tag us at @manicpanic_uk.