Our 2023 Manic Panic UK Round Up

Our 2023 Manic Panic UK Round Up

And just like that, another year has come to an end; and like many of you, we are looking back on all the awesome and exciting things that happened during 2023! As one of the leading brands within the vivid hair colour industry and continuously evolving for over 45 years, Manic Panic has continued to pioneer new products that make your bold hair colour creation a reality. With this year's round-up, the Manic Panic team would like to offer a moment of reflection to share our gratitude and love for all of our supporters who continue to grow each year!

Throughout 2023, our brand message to ‘Wear it Loud’ and ‘Unleash Your Rainbow’ continued to spread to all of the Manic Panic supporters; both our loyal users and brand new Dye Hards! This year also brought some truly exciting moments for Manic Panic UK and we’d love to share some of our favourite memories from the past 12 months with you!

For many years, we have worked with several publications creating editorial and advertorial pieces for both digital and print content. This year, we were so pleased when one of our favourites: The Salon Magazine approached us again to create a range of content throughout the year. This included the July ‘Festival Issue’ front cover! We planned and mood-boarded to the high heavens with two of our talented Manic Panic UK affiliates: Poppy Lockett a creative hair colour professional and Caitlin Sanders a specialised photographer to create a perfectly vibrant and colourful front cover packed with Manic Panic energy!

We also worked with Poppy and Caitlin on a collaboration for a Pride advert that would go on to be a part of the Salon Evo magazine!


The Salon Magazine                                                        Salon Evo
Festival Front Cover                                                         Pride Issue


We are always gaining new supporters and creating long-term relationships with stylists and at-home hair dyers, and this year proved no different! At Manic Panic UK, we endeavour to share and promote exciting new talent to our fantastic followers, and with such an inspiring group of creatives, we were able to meet and collaborate with some amazing people who soon became Manic Panic UK affiliates! The range of colours and product types available within the Manic Panic collection allows others to create unique and iconic hair looks from buzzcut-painted designs to those mermaid-like transformations. 

Check out the Manic Panic work from just a few of the awesome affiliates from 2023! If you would like the opportunity to become a Manic Panic UK affiliate, remember to email us at sales@manic-panic.co.uk.


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October brought one of the most exciting events of the year within the hair and beauty industry; Salon International 2023! This hair show is particularly exciting for brands and stylists due to the crowds and eager Dye-Hards who visit across the whole weekend. Each of these visitors may have already been within the industry for many years or they may be brand new to the hair colour community however, each tends to be looking to expand their knowledge and techniques. This year, we brought along 3 of the fantastic Manic Panic ambassadors; Mykey O’Halloran, Verity Clarke and Emma Pullen. Each appeared on the Manic Panic UK Salon International stage to provide a creative colour demonstration using our products for all of the visitors and other brands that were in attendance at the show

Salon International 2023 was a fantastic weekend for Manic Panic UK. We were surrounded by amazing talent on the Manic Panic stand and we met and created relationships with other brands and familiar faces for future collaborations and partnerships. As well as this, we also took this opportunity to provide visitors of the show with the first glance into our latest product launch which wouldn’t go live until a couple of months later! If you would like to find out more about our weekend at Salon International 2023, you can read all about it here.



We were so pleased that by the end of 2023, we could finally announce the exciting news that we had been keeping a secret for so long. The Mermaid Hair and Repair Mask and the Love Color Colour Depositing Conditioners were finally launched in November just in time for Christmas! 

The Mermaid Hair and Repair Mask was a hit with everyone thanks to its versatile and highly beneficial formula. Suitable for all hair types, no matter the colour or texture, this product was designed to bring nourishment and smooth results to whoever chooses to apply it!

You can find out more about the Mermaid Hair and Repair Mask via our blog post here or on its product page here!


The Love Color Colour Depositing Conditioners, are a range of 8 highly pigmented coloured conditioners designed to ‘fight the fade’ and bring vibrancy back to a faded and dull base! Bringing the capability to colour hair in minutes to a shower routine makes this process so much easier for all those who wear their colourful hair as a key part of their everyday look. You can find out more about this range, including the Love Color Manic Panic ingredients and more about the shades here!


Before we put a wrap on 2023 completely, we would like to thank all of the Manic Panic UK Dye Hards throughout 2023 and before! It is thanks to all of the love and support that you show our brand we can make what we do possible. We hope that you all have had a wonderful Christmas and that your 2024 has started in the best way! 

We can’t wait to carry on our Manic Panic journey with you throughout this new year!

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