Are you wondering which colour to choose for your October hair? The transition from summer to autumn can sometimes require a drastic change, especially if keeping up with the trends is something you enjoy, but the amount of inspiration for autumnal colours and hairstyles is growing so it can be a difficult choice. We’re constantly searching for the latest trends when it comes to hair and the Manic Panic Dye Hards have made up our minds when it comes to our October 2023 favourite! 

Red is famously an autumnal go-to for hair and this year is no different! We’ve seen a variety of red applications and each of them always manages to fit nicely into our autumn mood boards; the warm and rich tones that these shades embody are a great way of transitioning from your summer colours. Choosing this colour opens your options to a range of diverse results; what we love about red is that it can be applied to a darker base as well as a pre-lightened blonde base. The results, of course, will differ but you are likely to see some sort of the change in colour once rinsed. Applying these shades to a bleached base will produce a vibrant bold red hair tone that is sure to steal the show thanks to its bright pigment, whereas on a darker base, you can create a more subtle moody hue. 

During the 2023 autumn transition, there has been one red Manic Panic hair dye in particular that seems to be the one many are reaching for Vampire’s Kiss. Both vibrant and warm in tone, this beautiful blood-red shade definitely won’t be hiding in the shadows this season. The Manic Panic UK affiliates have not only been killing the autumn/winter 2023 feature, but many of them have chosen Vampire’s Kiss as the colour to bring their client’s look to life! 

How Is Vampire’s Kiss Being Worn This Season?

As we know, red comes with a range of versatile options and Vampire’s Kiss is no exception. This extravagant gothic red shade can be worn in many different ways to suit all needs. Whether you prefer a bold statement look or a subtle pop of colour is more your style, this shade is a timeless choice. If you’re wondering how you might prefer adding Vampire’s Kiss into your everyday look, take a look at some of the beautiful ways that our affiliates have been working with this semi-permanent red hair dye

Taking full advantage of its vibrant pigment, @wundercuthair created a drop-dead flick bob, coloured using Vampire’s Kiss. As mentioned in the caption of this post, the result is none other than a ‘sexy red transformation’ and we have to totally agree! This shade not only becomes a talking point but its bold colour creates a chic result made for those that are all for making their hair a loud feature! 

If you like the idea of recreating this look or at least taking full advantage of how vibrant this beautiful red hair dye can really be, then you will need to have pre-lightened and toned your hair to at least a level 9-10 blonde. Although highly pigmented, this shade does require a light base in order to work its bright red magic!

Looking to spice up a more natural tone for the autumn season? @hairbygeorgiaa_ used Vampire’s Kiss to elevate her client's dark and chic look. By adding some subtle pops of this Manic Panic red on dark hair to the ends and tips of the layers, including the fringe section, Georgia was able to take this look to the next level and really transform its result. We also love this idea for anyone who isn’t so fond of a regrowth moment; this technique completely counteracts that possibility and minimises damage from bleaching. 

Fancy adding a touch of Manic Panic glam to your own hair?  To achieve a tone similar to Georgia’s look, we would suggest pre-lightening the sections you wish to apply Vampire’s Kiss to a level 7 blonde and leaving the colour to process for 20-30 minutes. This will allow the colour to provide that subtle change in tone whilst still holding a hue of Vampire’s Kiss.

Gemini hair is still here and we think this style will be sticking around for some time! @hayleyjohnson_hair created this kickass split dye for her client using two of the Manic Panic dyes; Vampire’s Kiss and Psychedelic Sunset. This is a power duo if we say so ourselves! The vibrancy of Psychedelic Sunset has always made a powerful statement when used, however, when paired next to the Vampire’s Kiss colour we adore the contrast in hues that they each provide. 

To create a deeper tonal shade of Vampire’s Kiss like Hayley’s split dye hair look, we would suggest pre-lightening the hair to a level 8 blonde. This tone of blonde will enable a deep hue of Vampire’s Kiss without creating such a bright result.

As we’ve seen, red is in! Whether you’re looking for a bold statement colour or a mysterious deep shade, it can be achieved with something this pigmented. We’d love to see all of your October transformations and how you have managed to incorporate some red into your autumnal look, so don’t forget to tag us in your selfies on Instagram! If you would like a little more information on how you can achieve your dream red transformation, contact us at and our team would be happy to help however they can!