In Walthamstow, London you’ll find the unique and premium salon, Harness and Mane. Known for their high-quality hair transformations and exceptionally talented team, Harness and Mane is a sought-after destination within the London borough that welcomes a broad spectrum of clientele through their doors every day. Not only does this salon stand out due to the phenomenal portfolio they have created over the years, but Harness and Mane have also derived a unique appeal due to their fetish-inspired environment. 

Having been on the map for almost 5 years, Harness and Mane have been busy! This multi-award-winning salon has a booming clientele that keeps on growing. Not only have the salon and its team been admired and acknowledged through these awards, but you can often find their names within industry publications and see their work first-hand in events and fashion shows. 

As a ‘lover of all things alternative’, the team at Manic Panic UK were blown away by the sheer talent and exciting world of Harness and Mane. We’re so pleased to announce that Harness and Mane are now a Manic Panic UK Sponsored Salon! We cannot wait to see what the future brings with our collaboration, but first, let’s find out some more about this awesome salon.

Where It Began

In 2005, Harness and Mane founder and Creative Director Gunel Kelly began her career within the hairdressing industry. Gunel has developed a true passion for inspiring and helping others to find and express their own confidence through hair. Having been a hairstylist for almost 20 years, Gunel’s career has allowed her to build an army of clients each of whom still leaves their appointments with a smile on their face. During those years, Gunel was involved in the London alternative scene and was greatly influenced by all corners of this subculture which then developed her interest and passion for the fetish world. 

Fast forward to 2019, husband and wife Gunel and Hughie Kelly founded Harness and Mane influenced by their interests and passions. Starting out with just 2 stylists, Harness and Mane has now grown to a team of 8 consisting of Creative Director Gunel Kelly, 4 senior stylists and 3 junior stylists. The team has and continues to work passionately together within the salon and at events to bring their client's visions to life!




Services and Events

Harness and Mane offer an eclectic range of services, from high-quality hair treatments to exciting styling methods. The team works with their clients to ensure that they leave with their desired and dream results as well as keeping in mind the manageability of their client’s wishes in between appointments. 

Their varying client base offers the opportunity for the Harness and Mane team to explore and widen their options when styling and colouring, from natural brunettes and platinum blondes to those clients that opt for the brighter side of hair life. That’s where Manic Panic really shines within the walls of Harness and Mane! 

Having been predominantly a Manic Panic salon for some time it was no surprise that the Manic Panic and Harness and Mane collaboration was coming! Having discussed the vibrant range of colours with Gunel and hearing her exciting Manic Panic plans for the future, we can’t wait to see what is in store for this partnership! 




Fancy a closer look at what Harness and Mane have been getting up to with the Manic Panic colours? Check out their profile page on our website now!

During our research into Harness and Mane at the very beginning, we were exceptionally impressed to find out it operated gender-neutral salon pricing within the salon. Rather than pricing their work based on gender type, they choose to acknowledge the components that make up the appointment such as time, product usage etc.  

As a salon, Harness and Mane have opened their doors to a variety of demographics that each have their own interests and things that make them tick. As a fetish-inspired business, they have become a hub for the fetish and alternative community; this includes holding events such as life-drawing classes, pop-up shops and art exhibitions. For information on upcoming events, be sure to check out the Harness and Mane website.

Press and Publication

Harness and Mane have been featured in a number of publications both print and digital. Each has covered the business for a number of reasons; of course the exceptional talent and looks that are created within the salon but also for the interior and aesthetic inside. You’ll find Harness and Mane in publications such as:

Hairdresser’s Journal

Beast Magazine

Respect For Hair

In more recent news, Harness and Mane have also been mentioned in the Conde Nast Traveller: The Best Hair Salons In London as the best salon for gender-neutral hair care “The salon’s USP is its inclusivity – the price list is based on the length of time your appointment will take, not your gender.” Jessica Rach - Conde Nast Traveller

Harness and Mane are well known for the interior style of their salon. As mentioned before, Gunel’s influence and passion for the fetish and alternative world became a great influence when founding their salon. The erotic and empowering aesthetic of Harness and Mane evokes a sense of self-beauty, sitting hand-in-hand with the purpose of a salon and embracing outer beauty very well. 

The interior and aesthetic of Harness and Mane have also put the salon on the pages of many magazines, recognised as a unique and eccentric space for all to relax in. 




Awards and Event Participations 

Harness and Mane have developed an incredible portfolio of awards over the years having been finalists and even won many. Check out below the growing list of awards Harness and Mane have been recognised for:

Winner - Colour Expert 2022 Award (Gunel Kelly) - Hair Magazine Awards

Winner - Best New or Refurbished Salon 2022 - Salon Magazine Awards

Winner - Apprentice of the Year 2022 - Salon Magazine Awards

Winner - Salon Team 2022 - Salon Magazine Awards

Finalist - London Salon 2022 - Salon Magazine Awards

Finalist - Design Award 2022 - Hair Magazine Awards 

Finalist - Design Award 2022 - Salon Business Awards

Finalist - Design Award 2022 - British Hairdressing Business Awards

Finalist - Customer Experience 2022 - Salon Magazine Awards

Due to their unique and intriguing aesthetic, Harness and Mane have been invited to both assist and lead hair teams across a variety of hair shows. These included:

London Queer Fashion Show (Part of London Fashion Week)

German Fetish Ball

Torture Garden

UK Fetish Awards 

Alongside these incredible shows, Creative Director and head stylist Gunel is also regularly invited to attend and present at leading industry events such as ColourWorld and Salon International due to her recognition as one of the ‘UK’s leading colour experts’  

We are so pleased to have Harness and Mane as a part of the Manic Panic UK sponsorship team. To stay up to date with what we all get up to together, make sure you are following us both on social media and regularly check our website and blog for news! Follow Manic Panic UK at @manicpanic_uk and Harness & Mane at @harnessandmane