The latest addition to the Manic Panic Hair Care range has just dropped - the Mermaid Hair Repair Mask! We all enjoy a session of self care and with that comes the opportunity to really give our hair the attention that it deserves. On the current market you will find a diverse range of hair masks designed to promote smooth and healthy results, but for the semi-permanent creative colour kings and queens amongst us, how do we also protect our vibrant colour? 

The Mermaid Hair Repair Mask by Manic Panic is a versatile and unique product designed for all types of hair be it permanent or semi-permanent coloured or natural hair. This nourishing hair mask has been formulated within the Manic Panic guidelines, as it is 100% vegan and cruelty-free so there is no need to compromise your morals when purchasing your future hair care. It is also a fragrant-free product meaning no unnecessary additives have been used. 

With a range of beneficial ingredients, this formula has been created to provide positive and high-quality results that everyone can enjoy. So what is it that makes this hair mask recipe so special?

The Key Ingredients

Sunflower Seed Extract

Sunflower seed extract comes with a range of benefits for hair specifically by creating a protective barrier against UV rays from sunlight and other aggressors such as shampoos. Its beneficial attributes also include the ability to repair the integrity of the hair which will minimise the effect of acute hair loss

Wheat and Vegetable Protein

One of the key recommendations for maintaining your semi-permanent colour is to avoid heat where possible; however, this cannot always be possible. By including both wheat and vegetable proteins within this formula, they provide protection from heat whether it is via styling tools or direct sunlight. These ingredients also hold benefits for strengthening the hair and protecting it from combing and styling. 

Vitamin E 

As expected from many good hair treatments, a smooth and fresh result is always a great benefit. Vitamin E is the perfect nutrient for tackling unruly hairs and providing them with the deep conditioning that they need in order to create a highly nourished and smooth result. With this added ingredient, you can enjoy an unmatched glossy and shiny finish too! 


This unique ingredient comes with its own range of benefits fit for a healthy and luscious result. Quaternium-91 is included in our hair care formulation to promote soft and highly conditioned hair alongside Vitamin E inclusion, but it also helps to protect your hair colour from daily occurrences such as heat and minimises the rate at which your colour may fade. 

Breakage in hair is a common matter for many of us; Quaternium-91 works to help strengthen your hair and is a hair breakage treatment that protects the hair from heat damage caused by direct sunlight, how the hair is styled or other problematic materials and processes. 

How to use the Mermaid Hair Repair Mask

Using our new hair mask is extremely simple and will be familiar to many who have used this type of product in the past. 

As we do with all of our products, we recommend doing a patch test 24-48 hours before use to ensure that the user is not at all allergic to any of the ingredients included and that the formula will not cause any unexpected reactions. If any reaction should occur at any point, please clean the area of the patch test thoroughly and seek professional advice. 

For more information on how to perform a patch test, please visit our FAQs

Once the patch test is complete and no reaction has occurred, the hair mask is ready to be used. Once the hair has been cleansed with your usual product, apply the hair mask generously from root to tip and leave to sit for 10 minutes minimum. After this amount of time you should begin to notice results, however, the mask can be left to sit on the hair for however long you feel necessary without causing damage thanks to its vegan and conditioning ingredients.

So, have you been looking for the perfect addition to your hair care routine steps? Well, look no further! With the Mermaid Hair Repair Mask, we’ve taken into consideration all of the needs for both natural and dyed hair. This new product is now available to shop on the Manic Panic UK website and is waiting for you to discover all of its benefits!

We’d love to hear what you think of our awesome new addition so be sure to let us know via social media @manicpanic_uk!