Manic Panic Amplified Hairspray

Check out which colours of the hairspray we have available. From our exciting Wildfire Red to the cooler tones of the Blue Angel hairspray there's sure to be a colour you'll love. These sprays are perfect for one night of colour, or a quick new look for a party or event. Surprise your friends with an exciting new hair colour that they are sure to want to replicate! See all of the exciting coloured hairsprays available below.

Manic Panic Glitter Hairspray

Want to add some more sparkle and shine to your hairspray look? Then let us introduce you to your newest hair glitter companion – the Stardust Glitter Hairspray! Simply apply this glitter spray to your hair once you've applied your chosen spray colour to add a gorgeous glistening effect. Pairing a new colour with a striking glitter finish is sure to make your look stand out from the rest.

Quick Hairspray Tips

If you’re ready to start colouring with some new hairspray then here’s some quick advice for colouring success. When using the spray, make sure to:

  • Perform a quick patch to ensure no reaction.
  • Ensure anything you don’t want stained is out of the way!
  • Shake the bottle thoroughly before starting to spray.
  • Maintain a spraying distance of 20cm away.
  • Angle the spray can when spraying for best application.

We hope you enjoy putting your hairspray to great use. Make sure to tag us on Instagram in your new hairspray creations – we can’t wait to see what you come with up!