If you want to know how to make hair dye last longer then check out our tips and tricks; which can all be tried at home!

Dye colour fade varies from person to person, but in general, darker colours tend to last longer than lighter shades. If well taken care of, Manic Panic colour can last between 4 to 6 weeks.

There are plenty of tricks you can try out to help your hair colour last and stay vibrant for longer but first let’s look at the things that can cause your new shade to fade quickly.

Washing Dyed Hair without Losing Colour

Hair dye legends, Tish and Snooky are pros at keeping their Manic Panic colour vibrant. Tish says

"For colour maintenance, I recommend washing hair only once a week and only use shampoo when ABSOLUTELY necessary.”

Using a specific shampoo for protecting coloured hair is a great start to your hair routine. When applying your shampoo to your hair, it is best to use sparingly and rinse in cool water.

Using warm or hot water to wash your hair opens up the hair cuticle (where the colour lives) which can lead to the colour fading. Like Tish says, washing your hair as infrequently as possible will also help to keep that new hairstyle looking fresh and bright.

You can also prepare your hair before you dye it to help your colour saturate deep into the hair shaft for a vibrant result that should last for longer. Use a nourishing conditioner to make sure your hair is in top condition before you add colour. Once you have dyed your hair, use a conditioner that is suitable for preserving colour.

Make sure to switch to a PH neutral shampoo before dyeing your hair to neutralise your hair before adding colour. Continue using a PH neutral shampoo once you have dyed your hair to protect your new shade.

Caring For Hair Colour: Things to Avoid

Here’s our list of what to avoid when it comes to how to keep hair dye from fading. These little changes will all be worth it if you can enjoy your exciting new colour for longer.

  • Hot Oil Treatments: this is a common treatment for those combating dry, damaged and brittle hair. However, with dyed hair, the heat opens up the hair cuticle, allowing the colour to seep out.
  • Alcohol-Based Hair Products: this includes hairspray, gel or mousse: Gentler hair products are best for preserving hair colour. Some of these products have alcohol-free alternatives or you could simply style your hair while it dries using other tools.
  • Washing Hair with Strong Shampoo: this includes shampoos designed for anti-dandruff and deep cleansing. A pH neutral shampoo is much gentler on your hair and used sparingly will help reduce the fading of your new hair colour.
  • Prolonged Exposure to Harsh Sunlight: Make sure to wear a hat if you are going to be taking your new colourful curls out for a day in the sun. There is a range of SPF hair products which can be applied to your hair to help protect it from sunlight.
  • Prolonged Exposure to Water: If you are going swimming tie your hair up to avoid soaking it in the water for too long. The same goes for bathing and time in the hot tub! Remember to check the weather forecast so you don’t get caught in an unexpected downpour.
  • Swimming Pool Chemicals: Strong chlorine chemicals are great for keeping swimming pools clean, but aren’t so friendly for dyed hair.
  • Heated Hair Tools:  Curling or straightening your hair using a heated hair tool is not so good for dyed hair. As an alternative, why not try an alternative curling method such as rollers? It is also best to avoid drying your hair with a hot hairdryer. You could also air dry or change to a cooler setting.

How To Make Hair Dye Last Longer with... Vinegar?!

A useful trick to making the colour of Manic Panic hair dye last longer is to rinse your hair with white vinegar. This should be done shortly after dyeing. It raises the PH level of the hair dye and gives it more permanence.

Here’s how you can make use of this simple but amazing trick:

  • Rinse out Manic Panic Hair Colour until the water runs clear.
  • Mix half a cup of white vinegar and half a cup of water together in a bowl.
  • Pour the mixture over your hair until saturated.
  • Comb the vinegar and water mix through your hair, from root to tip.
  • Rinse out with cold water.

Hair Dye Touch Ups & Colour Top Ups

Don’t forget, if you need to top up your new colour, Manic Panic semi-permanent hair dye comes in re-sealable tubs so it’s easy to save some for later! Some of our ranges are also available in smaller tubes which are perfect for touching up roots or adding a burst of fresh colour.