Hair Colouring As Seen On TikTok

Hair Colouring As Seen On TikTok

Remember 2020, the year that felt like everything stopped? Well, do you also remember how the most conveniently entertaining app became readily available to so many of us and took over our whole lives whilst we all danced our way through a pandemic? Well, TikTok and I are still very much in that same love-hate relationship.

TikTok launched in China in 2016 and has grown substantially over the past 6 years, delivering all sorts of content straight to the screens of our smart devices. Unsurprisingly, in October 2021 TikTok had surpassed 2 billion worldwide downloads followed by its classification as the most popular website of 2021. TikTok delivers on numerous amounts of content genres making it the perfect app for nearly everyone to scroll through, but what do we actually get out of the app?

Some may argue it is a waste of time, and I must agree it definitely has its downfalls when it comes to scrolling into the early hours of the morning. Still, I would argue that it can also provide beneficial information to us. TikTok has brought a large community of people together as we gradually see trends and movements develop between strangers; these can come from anything like dance routines to the latest hair colouring trends going viral.

TikTok became a huge opportunity for not only online influencers but for anyone who had a particular interest in a certain genre. People are sharing their own experiences and tips on whatever they wish to tackle and we have seen this sort of behaviour rapidly increase within the hair and beauty sector. Everyone is able to share their dos and don’ts when it comes to a skincare routine, a makeup routine, hair colour maintenance and more; from this, TikTok trends began to travel globally including styles and techniques for hair colouring.

DIY beauty has become the new norm and we are seeing more and more people making their own attempts at changing up their hairstyles and colours. Let’s take a look at some of those hair colouring trends that we saw take over globally because of TikTok users.

The Trends


The peekaboo hair technique is a really cool and creative way of adding some colour and vibrancy to your hair but also keeping hold of that natural subtlety if you wish. This particular look became all the rage in 2021 and we have seen it continue its popularity into this year as people become more experimental and adventurous with their look. The peekaboo hairstyle has definitely developed and evolved over time. Having begun with soft muted tones beneath the top layer of the hair that blended very modestly into the natural colour, some of us have now transitioned into something a lot brighter and bolder using the same technique. A peekaboo hairstyle is stylish and fitting for almost every hair length and colour; it works brilliantly whether you choose to rock a full head of vivids or half and half!  The chosen peekaboo colour could be used as highlights that give subtle pops of colour or you could simply create a block of one or more colours beneath the hair which could make up-dos like buns and braids that little bit more exciting.

From vibrant block colours to funky rainbow highlights, this look is definitely one to try out if you are looking for a slightly more subtle way of getting into the world of vivid tones!

Split Dye

Split dyed hair has become a huge trend. We saw the rise of this technique more prominently throughout the lockdowns as it is one of those look’s that isn’t that difficult to achieve even when dyeing your own hair at home. Split dye is a great way of bringing some contrast into your hairstyle whether you choose to go bright with vivid shades or keep it at a more natural tone. We also love how a split hair dye look can become something of a whole other look depending on how you wear it; symmetrically through the middle or you could push one section to the other side to create a sort of peekaboo take on your look. Check out this example below from @jesdoeshair_ to give you some real inspiration.

E-Girl Face-Frame

Inspired by the 90s gamer E-Girl aesthetic, face-framing money pieces are back with vengeance. The rise of this hair dyeing technique has become extremely prominent during the past couple of years and we are loving it! Whether you opt for a vivid colour or stick to a contrasting natural, you can’t go wrong with this look. The simplicity that comes with it, from the look to the actual process of getting there is appealing in itself yet the contrasting shades of the front panels still make it appear as a very impactful look.

Choose between slim, sharp money pieces and chunky block highlights, or anything in-between – the E-Girl look is back and here to stay!

A Blunt Dip

As the ombré technique becomes a favourite within the world of both neutral and vibrant shades for hair, we have seen the dip-dye effect make a U-turn as it returns after its significant reign a few years ago.  To dip-dye your hair is much more different than to ombré which many get confused about; an ombré creates a gradual less harsh fade from one colour into another whereas the dip-dye is all about the blunt line that defines both the majority shade at the top and the dipped shade below.

Whether you choose to create a dipped effect on half of your head or just a few inches, this trend is grabbing the attention of many with its edgy yet chic appearance.

We adore each of these simple yet effective and bold looks. Do you think you could try one of these looks on your hair? Make sure to tag us with @manicpanic_uk in your pictures when you do, we love seeing what you all create using the Manic Panic hair dyes. Live Fast And Dye Your Hair!

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