Get To Know Hair That Glows

Get To Know Hair That Glows

If you’ve been rocking a vibrant hair colour for some time but you’re now looking for that extra punch of extravagance, have you checked out the Manic Panic UV hair dye range? Exclusively available in 10 of the most iconic Manic Panic colours, this breathtaking feature is made for those that love to live in colour!

These specially designed creative hair dyes contain fluorescent pigments of the colour which when put under UV reactive lights will become even more vibrant and actually glow. This then creates that super cool glowing effect in the areas where the UV dye has been placed on your hair.

Check out this video from @jesdoeshair_ using Electric Banana and Electric Lizard to make her client's UV hair dreams come true...

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Let’s look a little closer at all of the UV hair colours available at Manic Panic UK:

Pink has been a fan favourite within the Manic Panic community forever and we’re so happy that three of those well-loved shades are UV-reactive. Within the Manic Panic UV pink hair dye collection you can find:

Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink – A neon pink that appears vibrant in daylight whilst also glowing under black light. This bold pink definitely packs a punch when it comes to its colour, but why not try Hot Hot Pink Amplified too? Still living up to its UV reactive expectations, the Amplified products include 30% more pigmentation for an even brighter finish that lasts for longer!

Cotton Candy Pink Manic Panic – A sweet candyfloss pink that is light, punky and iconic. The Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink hair dye is one of the most well-known shades within the Manic Panic colour range and it has continued its recognition as it has brightly glowed under UV reactive lights over the past 40+ years.

Manic Panic Pretty Flamingo – One of the softest shades you’ll find in the Manic Panic pink collection. This shade consists of an extremely light baby pink hue but is also formulated with gorgeous peachy-orange undertones producing the perfect representation of its name. The Manic Panic Pretty Flamingo pastel-like shade is a dream, especially when it glows brightly under black light providing the ultimate shock factor!

UV Colours

As well as the infamous pink UV reactive hair dyes available at Manic Panic, some of our other equally bright colours have also been blessed with this awesome feature!

Manic Panic Electric Banana – A super fun and funky bright, neon yellow. This shade slightly reflects its green undertones in the sunlight, and we bet you can just imagine the amazing glow it gives under black light!

Electric Lizard Manic Panic – Another bold shade that appears vibrant in both the sunlight and under black light. This super toxic looking lime green dye will get you turning some heads for sure!

Electric Tiger Lily Manic Panic – A beautifully bright and fiery orange shade. This coloured dye is unmissable and eye-catching whether you’re in daylight or black light!

Manic Panic Mermaid – A super cool oceanic turquoise shade with slight green undertones. This vivid teal colour with its added UV bonus is any alt fan's dream.

Siren’s Song Manic Panic – This true turquoise shade glows brightly and lives up to its neon blue-green vibrancy in both daylight and black light!

Professional UV Colours

For our professionals who shop through their Manic Panic Professional account, even two of our gel-based colours from the Professional Colour range will glow under black light:

Manic Panic Professional Red Velvet – This intensified cherry red is a classic when it comes to vibrant hair. Complete your shock-worthy look with this deep yet vibrant red as it glows under black light all night long!

This vast selection of UV reactive hair colours caters to a wide range of colour enthusiasts whether you’re looking for something pink, something blue or a yellow and green glowing split dye is your style! You can even mix your UV dyes to create your very own custom shades, but it’s worth noting that if you choose to mix a Manic Panic UV reactive hair dye with one of the non-UV dyes then this will only dilute the fluorescent substances and lessen its capability of glowing under black light.

I want UV reactive hair; do I need to bleach my hair?

You’ll find that with all of the Manic Panic colours, the best chance of producing a vibrant result from them is to apply them onto a pre-lightened base. This is also the case when it comes to successfully promoting your new UV reactive hair dye.

The colours within the Manic Panic UV range require a pre-lightened base between the levels of 7-10. Hot Hot Pink can be applied to a level 7 base (medium blonde) and produce a vibrant result, so you should find that this will allow the UV feature to do the same at a similar intensity. However, a shade such as Pretty Flamingo requires a pre-lightened base between levels 9-10 to produce vibrant results. This is due to its extremely light pigmentation and will also affect how effective the UV feature becomes.

Note that the Manic Panic UV hair dyes do not glow in the dark. They will not glow without the assistance of a UV reactive black light.

Now you’re up to date on the ins and outs of the Manic Panic UV glow hair dye, are you ready to really light up your look? Shop the full range here and if you have any Manic Panic questions you can email us at or contact us via Instagram @manicpanic_uk.

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