Lollapalooza is another event that inspires and implements a variety of future trends and opportunities to evolve personal style, whether they be new or not. ‘Bad Guy’ singer, Billie Eilish took to the stage at this year's event debuting her brand new yet iconic and familiar hairstyle. 

Previously we have seen a broad range of hairstyles and colours from the singer including a bright blonde bob to pearly grey tones; not forgetting the iconic neon green roots that sent the vivid hair colour community into a frenzy whilst they all stormed the internet and shop shelves for the brightest shade. Not only were we surprised, but the pure 2010’s nostalgia we felt when Eilish debuted her new blood-red roots with jet-black lengths at this year's Lollapalooza festival was the whole vibe for our 2023 summer. 

Despite what the public and the press had previously deemed ‘feminine’ and that Eilish should try a less ‘boyish’ approach to her style, she was still disputed. A little over a few months after discussing the criticism received for her styles, Eilish had simply had enough and reverted back to her trademark look of vibrant roots and darker ends and the appreciation and love she has received for doing so is incredible!


Root Expression

The Billie Eilish hair green roots really brought a whole personality trait; badass, creative and iconic! With this recent debut of red root expression, the singer continues to influence and inspire others to embrace their own. 

At Manic Panic UK, we never saw the trend of coloured roots die and have continued to see this style grow over the years. Manic Panic UK affiliate and professional hair stylist, Poppy Lockett embraced her coloured roots using the Manic Panic hair dyes to bring this contrasting and vibrant look to life. Poppy has rocked several creative colours over the years and never fails to amaze us with the awesome hair creations she wears with such style. 

Her most recent look was created using Manic Panic UK dyes. Raven for those cool-toned black ends and Vampire Red to enhance the root area. We have many other vibrant red tones that you could choose from so don’t forget to check out our Red section.


Preparations for autumn and winter are well underway and the iconic Billie Eilish root is definitely a look to consider. Whether you’re already rocking a wild creative tone or looking for a way to spice up your natural colour without an all-over application, this style gives you the flexibility to be as vibrant or subtle as you like!