Finding Your Perfect Manic Panic Colour

Finding Your Perfect Manic Panic Colour

Have you ever thought that your dream hair colour would never suit you? Sometimes it’s easy to believe that something a little more outlandish may not be quite the vibe on you, but without trying it or at least doing a little bit of research into that colour, how would you really know?

When choosing your new hair colour, you don’t have to stick to naturals. There are so many options to explore when it comes to hair dyes and that includes creative colours too; so we are here to help you understand that maybe not every hair colour will suit you but we’ve definitely got a handful that will!

It’s important to note that with creative shades, the world is your oyster. Manic Panic semi-permanent hair dyes give you the opportunity to experiment with various colours and not have to worry about any permanency. Whilst researching your colour is very important, we urge you to try that colour that you’ve been thinking about for some time and make your own decision as to whether or not it is your perfect match.

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Something For All Of Us

The final result after each colouring process will be different for everyone as we all have different base colours. What’s so great about creative colour is that there are a number of them that can produce beautiful results for both bleach blondes and medium brown hair.

Red Shades - Red is a colour we have seen around decorating the lengths of our hair for quite some time now. The shade of red has evolved tirelessly throughout the years transforming it to fulfil the wishes of all fans creating versions from deep and seductive hues to lively and animated tones.

As red continues to lead the way in the creative colour hair industry, it remains popular for all with a wide variety of base colours to start from. In order to produce truly vibrant and bright red tones, you will be required to start with a base colour of at least a level 7 (bleached blonde) as this will allow for the pigment to really intensify. Some of our deeper pigmented and rich Manic Panic red shades can create beautiful deep hues on dark hair which can be seen much more intensely when stood in certain lights, so great news for those of you that are starting with a darker base colour and would prefer to skip the bleaching process.

Red is an extremely warming colour that will suit a number of skin tones depending on your chosen shade. If you have chosen something like Manic Panic Vampire Red, this is one of our deepest shades of red and looks beautiful against a warm skin tone. However, if you try something like Manic Panic Rock n Roll Red you’ll find that this shade contains some light undertones and sits well with a more fair skin tone.

Blue ShadesKnown for its calming and tranquil effects, a light blue is a real game-changer for our pastel colour fans. Here at Manic Panic UK, we love a subtle pretty shade and believe they are well suited to those that enjoy the peaceful tones within their hair colour but we also live for those striking bold shades that symbolise bravery and dedication!

We have some incredible Manic Panic blue shades available that can transform your hair whether you are starting out with a pre-lightened base or not. If you’re looking to get something vibrant and almost neon we definitely recommend trying out our classic colour, Atomic Turquoise. Packed full of radiant aqua tones accompanied by some green undertones, this shade will undoubtedly be getting you the ooo’s and ahh’s you’ve been looking for! Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise is brightest when applied to a pre-lightened base between level 9 – 10 but can create some subtle turquoise tones to un-bleached brown hair too, just be aware that this may not last for as long as you may have hoped.

If you like the sound of Manic Panic blue on dark hair, you are guaranteed to produce some striking blue and purple cool tones to your unbleached locks when using Ultra Violet Blue. This blue-toned dye with subtle violet hues throughout will undoubtedly have you glowing in the sunshine. For extra impact, try out Manic Panic Ultra Violet Blue from our Amplified range, formulated with 30% more pigmentation; you’re guaranteed to experience some gorgeous deep blue highlights!


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If that wasn’t encouraging enough, we’ve also got some fantastic shades for an array of base colours to be found within our purple and green shades too!

Purple Shades The Manic Panic purple shades are built with a high amount of pigmentation that leave drop-dead gorgeous tones throughout most base colours. Our deeper shades appear most vibrant on hair with a bleached level of 7, but if you were looking for a much lighter toned purple you will need to consider lightening your hair to a higher level. However, Manic Panic purple on brown hair is a dream. Try Plum Passion, a warm-toned purple hair dye on an unbleached medium brown base to create profound purple hues.

Cool colours such as purples and blues are heaven for any of you with warm yellow undertones in your skin especially if opting for some of our deeper and richer toned dyes. However, that isn’t to say that these colours won’t work on a fairer skin tone too!

If you’re working with a light skin tone when using a purple dye, try Electric Amethyst from our collection. This medium violet shade consists of some blue-ish tones that combined look epic on fair skin. Pure blues look beautiful on light skin tones also, so why not try Manic Panic Rockabilly Blue to make a striking statement?

Green ShadesWithin the Manic Panic green hair dye collection you’ll find some beautifully enchanting shades that have become more and more popular throughout the years as many have realised that once you have your perfect shade it’s not easy to fall out of love with it.

When picking your ideal green Manic Panic shade you’ll be pleased to know that due to the blue and yellow mix that creates this beautiful colour, it will suit most skin tones. Warm skin tones will best suit a brighter more light green such as Manic Panic Electric Lizard. This will give its best beautiful neon blend to any hair that has been pre-lightened to a level 10 and with the added UV feature included, your hair will even shine bright under black light.
Whereas, if you have cool undertones within your skin try something a little warmer such as Venus Envy. This shade provides a bold emerald shade on pre-lightened hair, but applying Manic Panic Venus Envy on dark hair is also a bold move for any that are choosing to avoid the bleaching session and will even give deep emerald hues on this particular base!


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Pre-Lightened Babes

In order to achieve bright results or a noticeable result at least, there are some colours that will require a pre-lightened base. If you’re new to bleaching your hair you can check out our top tips for your bleaching process here, but if you are still feeling uncertain we recommend contacting your stylist.

Pink shades – Are you planning to get romantic with your hair? We’ve got all the pink Manic Panic hair dye for you to choose from that’ll get you spreading the love!

When choosing to go your favourite shade of pink it’s important to understand that it will require you to pre-lighten your hair. You can apply some of our deeper hues such as Manic Panic Fuchsia Shock to an unbleached brown base, however, the colour may not be as noticeable but you may experience some slight hues.

Our pink collection consists of super-pigmented shades that glow brightly on bleached hair and will suit an array of skin tones. If you find that you have cool undertones in your skin, cool shades of pink will beautifully harmonise the two together. Try Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink on level 9 hair for a fresh toned pink hair colour that really lives up to its delicious name!
If you’re looking to achieve something a little richer and more vibrant, Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink has got you covered. This cool-toned neon pink is a show stopper on level 10 hair both in daylight and under black light when that awesome UV feature will kick in.

Warm or golden-toned skin colours are the perfect match for our warm hair colours and will both flatter and highlight your features. Manic Panic Cleo Rose is a warm magenta toned hair dye consisting of rosy hues throughout that will provide a bright powerful colour all over.

Orange ShadesAre you dreaming of warm sunny days that conclude with a perfect sunset? Why not take that dream and make it your hair?

Manic Panic orange hair dye is both electric and radiant. The collection consists of a handful of glowing shades that will each take you on your very own orange journey whether you’re looking for something bright and vibrant or a little more toned down. Manic Panic Dreamsicle is part of our renowned Creamtones range offering a selection of beautiful pastel shades for you to pick from. Whereas you could be looking for that perfect vibrancy and take the plunge with Manic Panic Psychedelic Sunset and be rocking that fiery new neon hair in style.

Manic Panic orange shades are formulated with warm tones throughout each of them and will look divine on a warm skin tone or skin with a neutral undertone that will get away with almost any colour.


Yellow Shades Check out our super cool range of electric yellow hair dye, perfect for any punk or alternative fan. Our bright yellow hair shades are great for anyone that is looking to really step their hair game up a notch or two and even better, this colour tends to work wonders for all individuals.

Our yellow shades consist of both warm and cool tones so you are without a doubt going to find your perfect match. Even better, yellow makes an awesome choice if you plan on combining colours to create a rainbow-like look with your hair. Due to its extremely bright and light appearance, our temporary yellow hair dye should be applied to a pre-lightened base of a level 9 – 10 as it will not appear visible on a darker base colour.

Looking at our colours, we have a fantastic bright yellow neon shade known as Electric Banana that shines bright in both daylight and under black light. This shade consists of a slight green undertone and works well against skin with cool undertones. On the other hand, if you are looking for something to suit a warmer skin tone we can’t recommend Manic Panic Sunshine enough as its undertone incorporates a beautiful warm orange tone that really brings out the brighter tones within the skin.

Neutral Shades, Please

Are you more of a neutral hair enthusiast? We hear you loud and clear dye hard. We’ve got some great semi-permanent colours for you to try.

White ShadesAlthough we are all for a loud and proud colour, white is still very much within our repertoire and we love the clean look and added freshness white hair provides even when paired with vivids. We offer a Manic Panic toner that will leave your freshly bleached hair looking healthy and even in colour.

Our white toner is known as Manic Panic Virgin Snow, capable of toning any unwanted highlights and hues from your bleached hair.

Virgin Snow is a beautiful crisp and elegant white Manic Panic shade reflected perfectly in its name. It has a slight blue tint throughout which helps to eliminate any unwanted shades in the hair and creates a cool-toned canvas that looks great as an endpoint or works well as a base colour for the next step in your dyeing process.

Grey ShadesGrey is in and it is big! Do you feel like you are suffering in silence trying to keep up with the maintenance of covering those unlawful greys that keep sneaking in? It’s time to embrace them and we can show you how!

Only in the past few years has grey hair become the in thing but it has really grown within that time and become one of the most popular hair colours going. The Manic Panic grey hair dye collection consists of shades perfect for those looking to go a more silver-grey or even darker if you’d prefer. It’s important to note that hair will need to be pre-lightened in order to achieve your desired grey look.

Brightening up your whole look whilst keeping it neutral couldn’t have been made easier with our favourite Manic Panic silver grey dye and toner. Manic Panic Blue Steel on bleached hair is a game-changer; it creates a luscious silver result with blue undertones throughout and is sure to keep you sparkling. The Silver Stiletto toner from Manic Panic leaves your hair with a beautiful solid platinum colour as it tones out any unruly orange or brassy tones with its beautiful lavender-tinted undertones.

If you are looking for something slightly darker, Manic Panic grey also offers a beautiful shade known as Smoke Screen as part of our Professional range. This shade produces a deep slate grey colour when used as a solo colour, however, when mixed with other shades produces custom smoky tones within your mix!

Black Shades - A sophisticated black hair colour has never been a bad idea, we love it! Black as a hair colour has been iconic forever and we highly doubt it’ll be going out of fashion anytime soon, but what we also love about it is how versatile of a colour it is and how you can actually get creative with it! Manic Panic black hair dye can be used as a single colour, or it works wonders sat with a completely contradictory colour as it draws the eye directly to your chosen vivid shade.

Manic Panic Raven black is our one and only black shade within our collection and we believe you can’t beat it! Certain black hair dyes are known for their lasting damage as they can leave you with all sorts of problems but our semi-permanent solution will only leave you wanting more due to its non-damaging properties. Raven is a cool black dye with blue undertones throughout and is guaranteed to leave you with a super sleek finish.

Manic Panic Raven on brown hair is no problem at all as our black shade does not require a super light shade in order to perform its magic. You can depend on a solid finish no matter your base colour.

Now that you’ve seen our full Manic Panic colour chart and know the ins and outs of the shades, we hope that we have given you a good insight into what you can do with our amazing semi-permanent colours. We’d love to find out how you got on with your colourful journey and are always keen to see your Manic Panic hair transformations, so be sure to tag us @manicpanic_uk.

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