That time of year is finally back and in full force – it’s festival season!!

It’s no lie that the past couple of years has been tough, but it’s time to put those lockdown-learnt hair skills to some proper use. Summer is just around the corner and all of our favourite festivals are back in full swing, so we’ve taken this opportunity to provide you with some festival hair tips and striking inspiration in true Manic Panic style!

For many of us, attending your favourite festivals comes with the responsibility of ensuring your whole aesthetic is killer all weekend – this includes your hair! You might be finding it difficult to choose from all of the festival hair looks available to you whilst also finding one that will last you through all of the occurrences that happen during a festival weekend. What’s so great about choosing to use a creative hair colour is that you can always be sure that your hair will look absolute fire!

The Manic Panic creative colour hair dyes are all semi-permanent formulas. Using the Manic Panic coloured dyes for your festival looks gives you the opportunity to get truly creative with your hair by experimenting with all of your favourite shades and their placements. As well as getting creative, these dyes allow you to keep changing your look as they are designed to fade making it easier for you to rock a different colour and look at each festival you’ll be attending this year!

Hair Painting

If you prefer to be the art that everyone is admiring then we definitely recommend this method. Hair painting is popular for all types of hair and lengths as it is a unique approach to colouring your hair; rather than applying one colour or your own custom shades, hair painting allows you to create your own pattern or picture directly on the hair.

If you’re looking for festival hairstyles for short hair this method is a great option, especially for buzz cuts. You can create some truly amazing graphic creations on a shorter base that will without a doubt have you turning some heads. This beautiful multi-coloured line pattern on the textured hair surface is definitely one that we see blowing up this summer. Once you’ve committed to the shave, it couldn’t be much easier!

Face-Framing That Pops!

If you’re looking to add a splash of colour to your look without having to do a full-head application, then you’re going to love this! Face-framing techniques were on the rise last year and haven’t stopped as we’ve got further into this one.

From money pieces to a full fringe commitment, there are plenty of fun ways that you can incorporate some colour into your festival aesthetic this year! Pick your key colour from our super extensive range or go wild with a multi-coloured prism frame. Festival hairstyles with fringe are super fun when incorporating colour as it provides a bold and fun first impression!

Braided Space Buns

Are you pretty nimble when it comes to your fingers? Try an all-time favourite when it comes to festival hair–braided space buns! If you’ve got the skill and patience or a nearby friend of yours does then this look is always a winner in the festival category.

If you are looking to achieve an easy festival hair option that is still effective and fun, space buns are still just as great without the braids. They don’t need to be tidy; in fact, we think these look much better when they don’t look like they’ve been fussed over too much.

We absolutely adore this version of space buns with the multi-coloured dye job giving it a sort of intergalactic vibe. These colourful waves are sure to continue killing it right the way through the weekend even if the space buns don’t last the whole time!

Colourful Curls

Calling all of our naturally curly girls, this one’s for you! Finding festival hairstyles for curly hair is really not as difficult as it may sound as the curls tend to really talk for themselves! If there was ever a time for natural curls to take their place in the spotlight, it’s definitely now. With this hair type catching the eye of many nowadays, why not up the game just a touch more when it comes to being festival ready?

These colourful curls are a big hell yes for us! We love the arrangement of colours and how they have been used to create a dip-dye effect. These bold and vibrant shades provide a beautiful contrast between them and the model’s naturally dark hair making her hair really pop!

Pastel Plaits

Festival hair braids and plaits have always been a popular choice for any festival look and if done well, they could last you the whole weekend! There are so many ways that you can wear your plaits whether you prefer loose or tight, 1 or 5, French or fishtail the options are endless and all look great!

This super fluffy crimped pastel braid grabbed our attention instantly. We love the transition in colour within this look and matched with the texture of this hair both create a fresh and fun look perfect for any festival aesthetic!

What could I do to make my colourful festival hair super unique?

Festival season is an amazing opportunity to experiment and create hairstyles that are interesting, wild and beautiful! We adore swapping out and adding new colours to our hair all the time, but why not go all out for your upcoming event this time?

There are tons of options for you to pick from when accessorising your hair: beads, clips, glitter, feathers, hoops, headpieces, bandanas or even festival flowers for hair! You could even add small strands of sparkles to your hair to give almost a natural occurrence to your own hair without distracting from your brand new hair colour change!

I want to change my hair colour for my next festival. How can I make the current semi-permanent colour fade quicker?

Wash with warm/hot water, lots.

Using warm/hot water will help to penetrate the hair's cuticle, allowing it to release the colour and begin to fade much more quickly. Usually, we always recommend washing hair in cold water to keep the colour it lasting longer, as cold water can help to lock the colour in. In general, washing the hair a lot will also fade the colour at a much faster rate.

Use a clarifying shampoo.

A clarifying shampoo such as Prepare To Dye from Manic Panic is an excellent way of getting your colour to fade much more quickly as once again it focuses on the cuticle and causes the colour to release and fade more quickly. A clarifying shampoo is also a great product to use before re-dyeing your hair as it cleanses your hair of any build-up from previous styling products/dyes, creating a much more suitable base for your new colour.

If you plan on making this festival season one to remember, your hair can be too! Hopefully, you’re now well-equipped when it comes to your potential festival hair looks whether you choose to go with one outstanding look to cover you for most of the summer, or you’ve got a whole bundle of looks to try in your head.

Remember to tag us in your Manic Panic Festival Hair of 2022; we can’t wait to see what you all come up with!