Be Your Own Traditional This Valentines

Be Your Own Traditional This Valentines

February – the month of love! You’ll find many couples celebrating what is traditionally known as the most romantic day of the year - Valentine’s Day. Maybe you love a tradition and this one will remain bursting with petals and bubble baths? However, in this modern-day people are celebrating Valentine’s in all sorts of ways – that’s if they are celebrating.

The idea that Valentine’s Day should be represented with a big bouquet of red roses, your favourite chocolates or even something that comes with an outstanding price tag doesn’t seem to be the modern way of doing it now. There are plenty of clichés out there, especially around this time of year, so we’ve come up with a new take on what we know best at this time of year - Valentine’s hair inspired by Manic Panic hair creations.


A Bold Shag!

In 2021, we saw the rise of the shag cut come straight back into action, and it definitely left its mark. This new hair trend is proving to be a real hit amongst several hair enthusiasts and we’re not only seeing this cut with natural colours; the creative colour shags are coming in full force!

Hair can be what you want it to be and we adore this vibrant pink shag cut from @vikiscissorhands using Hot Hot Pink from the classic range at Manic Panic. This rock ‘n’ roll-inspired cut is full of texture with choppy layers from the crown of the head all the way to the ends. The attention to detail with the colour creates a truly romantic vibe, with the majority of the hair consisting of this pastel pink. Take a closer look and you’ll notice the sneaky bold pink strands towards the front that frame the face beautifully and add to that textured look.

A Close Shave

The past couple of years have given a number of us the realisation that time is precious, and what we mean by that is - if not now, then when? Bringing us to our next Valentine’s-inspired look, a fresh start; so fresh that we shave it all off. Having long hair can be fun and give you so many options when it comes to your next desired style, however, however, buzz cut can be just as fun - all it takes is a little bit of creativity with your shaved head designs.

How cool is this red pastel-ized buzz cut? We think the shaven look is a super-cute alternative for any Valentine’s look and if you’re already rocking it, why not add a little extra spice with this shaven-in heart to add some depth to your look? The alternation in shades within this look also gives the detailed shape a little more definition and attention. It doesn’t even have to be a heart that you shave in, but you’ve got more space and allowance to get creative with the clippers so why not take advantage of that?

We couldn’t miss out on this super cute painted on look from @jesdoeshair_. This is screaming alternative Valentine at us and is definitely on our bucket list for future looks! Try Cotton Candy Pink and Pillarbox Red from the classic range for this look.

Subtlety Is Key

Ok, ok so maybe vibrancy and a shaved head aren’t exactly what you were going for this time, but colour doesn’t always have to mean bright. We love pastels too! Pastels can be a great alternative for anyone looking to add some colour to their hairstyle with just a soft hue on the hair rather than giving it a full-colour makeover!

This beautiful peachy tone from @itscurlupanddye is the perfect in-between when wanting to add a little pop to your colour. Try Dreamsicle from the Manic Panic Creamtones range and pastelize Cotton Candy Pink from the Manic Panic classic range using the Pastel-izer to create this beautiful peach Ombré effect. Can you imagine yourself and this hair on the 14th totally chill because you just fell in love with yourself a little bit more? We can, and there is nothing wrong with that!

Just a Root Touch Up

Here’s another booming hair trend for you to try in 2022, coloured roots! Inspired greatly by the solo megastar, Billie Eilish, who rocked the neon green roots for over a year we are starting to see inspired stylists burst into this trend tint brush first! This statement look is perfect for those of you looking to add a little something to your hairstyle but don't want the hassle of sitting in the salon all day. Having now gained ‘the new punk’ as its nickname, we had to find the perfect Manic Panic look for this one!

When I say it was that easy, I’m not lying. Check out this unbelievably HOT take on the creative root trend by @hailie_liveandletdye - we are obsessed! The bold pink roots add just the right amount of vibrancy to the look but are still playing that main character part in the look – great for any Valentine’s plans you may have. Even if you didn’t want to dye your whole head, this sort of look would sit so well against any natural colour. Grab your colour and get dyeing!

No matter what you do this Valentine’s, whether you dye your hair or not – have fun and spread some love to all your loved ones! Remember you tag us in your Manic Panic looks with @manicpanic_uk. Have a good one ❤


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