When using www.manic-panic.co.uk it is necessary for us to share certain pieces of information with third-party systems in order to provide our services. These systems utilise this information during various steps of the customer journey to aid in the successful function of our website. For complete transparency, we have provided a comprehensive list of the systems we use which may come into contact with your data. To find the individual data sharing policies of the third-party systems that may come in contact with your data on Manic Panic UK, please click the individual items listed below.

Payment Providers

When a payment is made on www.manic-panic.co.uk it is completed by using one of our integrated payment providers. These payment providers allow us to successfully and securely take customer payments during the checkout process. When submitting payment information through the checkout we will share this information with our payment provider to both screen and process the payment. During the screening process, our payment systems may use one of our third-party fraud prevention systems to verify the details provided and either proceed or decline the active payment. A list of our payment providers and the information they come into contact with can be seen below:

Payment Providers: 

Ingenico, Paypal

Fraud Screening Services: 

Maxmind, AciRED & Microsoft.

Shared Data: 

Customer Name, Customer Email Address, Customer Address, Customer Phone Number, Order Total, Currency, Payment Method.


Consent Management Platform – Cookiebot

When using Coloured Contacts you will be given the opportunity to opt-in or opt-out of certain cookies that improve the performance of the overall site. The cookies and tracking scripts that are run on Coloured Contacts are used for vital user elements on-site and are categorised into the following areas: Necessary, Statistics, Preferences, and Marketing.

To select your preferences, please interact with our Cookiebot Consent Banner when you first visit the site. This banner can also be navigated to view the individual site cookies under each category.

Web Analytics & Advertising Tools

In order to analyse the usage of www.manic-panic.co.uk and continue with new customer acquisition, we use a number of third-party tools. Using these tools allows us to review website usage and provide tailored digital content across various platforms to users of our website. The following Web Analytics & Advertising Tools used on Manic Panic UK can be found below:

Web Analytics: 

Google Analytics

Advertising Tools: 

Google Ads(with Enhanced Conversion Tracking), Microsoft Ads, Pinterest Ads, Twitter Ads, Meta Ads (Facebook / Instagram) & TikTok Ads.

These analytics and advertising platforms share a variety of events and data from Manic Panic UK in order to enhance the customer experience. Almost all data passed to these 3rd party systems is non-identifiable anonymous information apart from some items which may utlise Enhanced Conversion Tracking in order to improve the reliability of tracking web events successfully. A comprehensive list of items that may be shared with these third-party tools can be found below:

Shared Events: 

Page View, Add To Cart, Purchases, Products Viewed, Products Purchased Purchase Value

Enhanced Conversion Tracking:

Order Number, Currency, Customer Email, Customer Name, Customer Address

Courier & Return Services

In order to provide fast and efficient fulfillment services, we share some crucial information with them. When an order has been successfully placed and confirmed we send relevant information to one of our courier services. Our courier services and policies can be found below:

Courier Services:

Royal Mail, DHL, UPS, Davies TunerEZI Returns, Metapack, Taxamo

Shared Data:

Customer Name, Customer Email, Customer Telephone, 

Data Processors

When an order has been successfully completed on Manic Panic UK it is stored directly on servers located at the Manic Panic UK head office. This stored information is used by other internal systems that help us provide faster and more efficient picking and dispatch services. More information is provided below:

Data Processors: 

CBR, Sage

Shared Data:

Customer Name, Customer Email, Customer Phone Number, Customer Orders, Customer Ordered Product(s)

Additional Software


Keap is our customer relationship management platform which we use to engage with our customers through email broadcasts and campaigns. When an order has been successfully placed on Manic Panic UK customers who have opted-in to receive our marketing communications will be added to our mailing list alongside appending order data. These email communications can be opted-out of at any time using the unsubscribe link within the email. We may share the following data with Keap:

Shared Data:

Customer Name, Customer Address, Customer Email, Country Of Purchase, Number Of Products Ordered, Products Ordered, Order Value.


Hotjar is a piece of software that records user interactions when using this site. The recorded data collected by this software is only viewable by www.manic-panic.co.uk and is encrypted to make the data non-identifiable during the process. For more information please view Hotjar's data policy