The Manic Panic pink hair dye collection can’t be stopped. The incredible colours have joined forces in each of our different ranges, already influencing and persuading our customers to go on this magnificent pink adventure with our show-stopping colours. You’ll also find that not only do these colours look jaw-dropping amazing, some are also part of the Manic Panic UV hair dye collection so you’ll be glowing no matter what light you’re in.

Manic Panic has really produced something incredible with this collection of pink hair dyes. The colours produced have been found to appeal to all persons, whether that be someone wanting a softer more subtle colour who may enjoy the Manic Panic pastel shades, or possibly someone that’s ready to plunge themselves into a more bold and brighter pink.

The Manic Panic pink shades consist of:

  • Hot Hot Pink (UV)
  • Cotton Candy Pink (UV)
  • Cleo Rose
  • Fuschia Shock
  • Pretty Flamingo (UV)

Manic Panics Hot Hot Pink hair dye is one of the more popular shades from the collections. Its vibrancy and bold appearance will never allow for this colour to be missed and will withhold its popularity for a while longer still. Anyone looking to stand out and try a new adventure when it comes to their hair colour definitely needs the full Manic Panic Amplified Hot Hot Pink experience. 

However, on the opposite side of the spectrum, within the Manic Panic pink shades, you will also find the more toned down, and very feminine shade that is Pretty Flamingo. This colour is somewhat quite different to Hot Hot Pink due to its more subtle tones and soft appearance. Being one of the more soft Manic Panic shades, you may be surprised to know that just like Hot Hot Pink this wonderful pastel pink is also under the umbrella of the Manic Panic UV hair dye collection. 

However, due to its lighter tone and pastelized colour, Pretty Flamingo does require a full lightening process before being applied to the hair. This also means that because this colour is not as bold as the others, (such as Hot Hot Pink) you maybe find that it will fade quicker due to its lighter nature. However, to prevent this from happening too quickly the base colour that it is applied to must have achieved at least a 10+ level when bleaching.

Do I need to bleach my hair before applying Hot Hot Pink?

If you are hoping to avoid the pre-lightening stage of the dying process but have natural light brown or darker blonde hair anyway, you may find that the dye will still take to your hair. However, it won’t be as bright as if you were to pre-lighten your hair but you should be able to achieve a deeper tonal colour.
Applying Manic Panic on dark hair without bleaching will lessen the effect the colour of the dye has on the hair. This is due to the dark base colour not allowing for the colour of the dye to intensify during the process, only allowing if anything, a slight tint that could be seen in the sunlight. 

However, if the aim is to achieve the true vibrancy of Manic Panics Hot Hot Pink, then it is recommended to pre-lighten the hair to at least a level 7+ using Manic Panic bleach that comes as part of the Manic Panic Flash Lightening Kits.

How do the UV colours work?

Within the Manic Panic hair dye shades, you will find a variety of colours are made with specific substances that allow your hair to glow beneath specialized UV lights.

When using this fantastic glow in the dark hair dye, it is important that the natural hair it is being applied to is pre-lightened to a level 9+. Leaving your hair unbleached when applying this specially made hair dye, will not allow for the UV feature to be executed when stood under a black light.
Also, whilst Manic Panics customers are encouraged to mix and combine different colours if they wish to achieve a unique colour, unfortunately, the mix of a non-UV dye with a UV dye will result in the dilution of the UV substances lessening the effectiveness of this feature.

Maybe you’re not quite ready to take that leap to a bright and bold colour and for it then to last you up to 6 weeks. Manic Panic has got you covered! You could try the Manic Panic Amplified Temporary Colour Spray in Cotton Candy. At least this way you can be sure if pink is your colour or not, although we’re already sure it is! Shop the sprays on the Manic Panic website.

Top tips to keep your colour lasting and shining

  • When washing your hair, use sulfate and silicone-free hair products as these ingredients can directly affect and obscure the colour or allow it to fade quicker. You can find some shampoos on the Manic Panic website that have been specially created to prepare your hair for the dying process and for the maintenance of your colour.
  • Before dying your hair, it is important to deeply cleanse your hair, but do not condition prior.
  • It is recommended to wash your hair in cold water and avoid certain activities or processes that may contribute to stripping the colour from your hair such as heat styling, swimming etc.
  • The longer you can go between washes the better, as due to the running water this will allow the colour to fade a lot faster than if you were to wash your hair minimally.